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  1. Yeah unless the gamma version is really easy. Taming the whales seem super simple though.
  2. I'm on PC so I repeatedly click LMB. So for you, I'd assume you have to keep pressing RT. At first I had the same issue you did until I tried clicking, just thought I had to hold it.
  3. You can get them by hand, a bit better if you have a dino though. Just keep harvesting bushes until you do. Even a simple parasaur will help though. It seemed like I got more on the islands you can TP to in the ocean biome. May be worth a shot!
  4. Tried riding too, worked once or twice but usually I go without the dino. Didn't exactly need it I just use it to avoid the bad stuff in the snow biome when collecting obsidian but assumed it was a bug.
  5. Nope I haven't seen any either. At first I was wondering why everyone was saying the bog was really hard, I haven't had any trouble there obviously since the kapro/every other demon creature there doesn't spawn I guess. Thanks though, I'll just cryo whatever I TP with for now.
  6. Teleporting with dinos At first I thought you were able to TP with a tamed dino nearby, but the last few times I tried with my frog it was left behind. I just cryod it when I needed to, though I wanted to see if anyone else had this happen. It would make sense to be able to as long as they're within the area and not too large to fit in the destination, aka my tiny frog. PC singleplayer.
  7. It should still be there as long as no bugs happen or anything. Just remember where you were so when you TP back you're not searching forever.
  8. Were you trying it when they were in their little form? That's the way I did it. Don't think it works when they're transformed.
  9. Grappling hooks would probably work. Strategically climbing your way up with parachutes maybe to try and get into position. I just made climbing picks personally but that was the plan before I found the materials for it.
  10. Pearls, TP to ocean E and jump into the ocean (obviously) and swim straight down along the island and you'll see these big clams. Press E on them and they give pearls and raw fish meat. Don't have specific cords, but that's what I do.
  11. Weak to light/light pets maybe?
  12. If you have them on enable mating they'll only breed in render distance I believe. You'll have to enable wandering on them, use the S+ hitching post, and they should breed when out of render and logged off.
  13. You can get it by killing the ice titan on extinction. That's still considered a boss to me, but I guess the statement is still kinda true.
  14. I noticed the VDay coels have their own name in the S+ transmitter so I'd assume they're their own entity. So I don't think a regular coel just gets hearts randomly, maybe it's a visual glitch you're seeing? Definitely annoying if you're trying to clear out regular ones and can't see that they're VDay ones. I haven't noticed any hearts disappearing though personally.
  15. There should be an achievement for that
  16. The oil will be in the ocean around that area. You'll have to take a dive to harvest it. Obsidian should be around 71/61 unless you want to take a long trip to the volcano! There should be a few nodes to harvest at those cords though.
  17. Aliens confirmed for genesis, heard it here first. Massive, fairly fit, aliens.
  18. Had the same thing happen to my baryonyx yesterday and thought it was weird because I almost never put anything on passive flee. Didn't think much of it until I saw this, it's odd because I don't remember that ever happening previously when I was pounced.
  19. Rag and valguero both have greater chances of spawning high level dinos (well the center too but not as popular). I'd say both are pretty good for spinos, but I use valguero in my singleplayer to tame things usually. It's a bit easier to get around than rag imo. Nice build also.
  20. It may have drowned? Edit: nevermind they can't drown lol
  21. Sometimes you have to load the cave in first before the artifacts or drops spawn (singleplayer namely, which is what you are on I presume) so the next time through you'll hopefully have the artifact and drops. I now see you've said you're on singleplayer lol so half of that comment was unnecessary
  22. Oh sweet, I always thought you had to change it to 1.0 for some reason.
  23. That'll give dinos in increments of 5s (5, 10, 45, 150 etc) and have the max level be up to 150 for a wild dino
  24. In the .ini setting you should add a line to override official difficulty to 5.0. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1290690669218078258/ Go to your gameusersettings.ini configuration file, and on a new line under the [ServerSettings] header paste the following:OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0
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