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  1. I say wipe both pvp and pve server...All ark server are in the same mess so why wipe one and not the other seems pointless when both pvp/pve are in a bad way.
  2. Hello, Thank you for reading. You may agree or disagree those are just some things I would like to see added into ark.. -More Options For Hosted Servers- - Option to turn Flyer nerf on or off - Option to Breed griffins & wyvern other dinos -Option to let us add mods to our own xbox server -More Options For Official Servers- -Small tribes Server PVE -Solo Servers PVE -ARKpocalypse Server PVE -High Rate Server With A Membership For PVE & PVP- Buy the ark membership play on locked ark server that only players with membership can play -Ark Membership- 5.99 or whatever You get Evolution Event Rates all the time plus get to play on members only servers -New Dinos- -New Maps- -Fresh Servers- -More Sea Life- Sea in ark is pretty lame You can do a lot with ark..You could give every player on ark what they want but that's up to you I guess
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