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  1. lWEBBl

    Not able to tame

    So, I'm not able to tame on my nitrado rented server. I have not touched the hunger drain multiplier at all and have taming speed set to 10x. I also tried restarting the server a few times and it still hasn't fixed the issue. Anyone else have this issues?
  2. lWEBBl

    Moschop IA

    The moschops is one of the few dinos that will passively gather items while set to wander. Check out the utility section of the wiki to see more. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Moschops#Utility
  3. lWEBBl

    Craftable Blueprints

    What are everyone's thoughts on being able to craft blueprints? There's a few ways to implement this. You could have a blueprint craftable item that you make using a note and some sort of craftable ink/charcoal, with which you could use on an item(sacrificing it) to make a blueprint.
  4. lWEBBl

    Moschop IA

    What do you mean exactly?
  5. Not sure what what taming is at, but it is boosted a bit. I tamed a rex in a matter of minutes. As for loot drops, I'm not sure. I've mainly gotten blueprints.
  6. Come join us! We're pretty friendly! We need more people. I've only seen the admins and at least one tribe of two.
  7. Seems pretty fresh to me. I've been on for about an hour now and have only seen a few thatch huts. I've also been the only one on, too!