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  1. Ok so the original post says 5 servers but on lists an island server and a aberration server? Is there one of each map, or just multiple island and abb maps?
  2. So 5 pve maps clustered together? Are they active or anywhere left to build?
  3. Ragnarok, best map, it is FREE and has everything you can find on the island, center and scorched earth. Great pots to build, lots of caves, high level dinos. If your looking to set up on just one map, ragnarok is the map for you!
  4. So where is the event.....?
  5. Got wiped for a second time in 24hrs, headed south, did a beaver dam run then transferred bk to my old server and joined a friends tribe...
  6. I would still rather tame one thezi rather then have to go find and tame multiple dinos just because they have gathering rates that are alittle better then a thezi. The thezi is thr swiss army knife of ark.
  7. But like a 157 thezi with 306%melee, will that out damage a alpha raptor? The reason for this post was because we are having prpbs woth lots of alpha raptors spawning near our base and was wondering if it was strong enough to tank and kill one. My old tribe woild use gigas or wyverns, both of which i do not have....
  8. Well that isnt an option or what i was asking. I am looking for in a nut shell how weak a given dino can be but still survive fighting a alpha dino
  9. My current best dino is a level 157 thezi with 306% melee damage, so that is what i would use, but i dont want to try and loose it, thezis are so hard to tame and are too useful for resoirce and meat runs to risk..
  10. K like the title says, i am looking to find out what the weakest dino you have used to kill a alpha dino, and what the alpha dino was and what lvl dino you used to kill it.
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