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  1. Are you buying aberation?

    Nope, not gonna do it. Tbh imo it sounds and looks retarded. I'll stick with Lagnarok
  2. Ark Suggestions!!

    With what you have, I'd say griffin and high lvl argy. Also you don't have any water tames, so I'd shoot for a lvl100+ megalodon. They are nice cause you can swim them into the canyon to park them and don't have to worry too much about wilds attacking them
  3. Ok, like the title says, what is you preferred method to run the ice cave? Last night was my first time going in the first part you can fly in, but I am looking for your strategy for the rest of the cave. I watched some videos on YouTube, and apparently you can jump down the whole in the tunnel and run a loop bk up to where you park the flier? This method gets you some red drops but avoids the ice queen. Any ever do this method? If so what do you load out with to run the cave?
  4. Xbox one official servers

    I doubt ppl are going to offer up there server for fear of trolls rolling thru. My server seems pretty chill tho, which is a rag server, so they do exist, just keep lookin
  5. Dilos have a horrible egg rate, we have gotten less then 5 all week from 2 females and 1 male
  6. Where are the wyvern eggs?

    Ok, when should we expect That?
  7. starting dinos to tame?

    Dodo should be your first Tame, collect the eggs so you can tame a pteranadon and ichy to get you in the water. Tame dilos so you can tame doedicurus and ankylosaurus. Don't bother with a trike, they are slow and take up too much space. Iguanadon is the way to go for early game berry gatherer. They have unlimited Stam while running on all 4s too to boot!
  8. Where are the wyvern eggs?

    On Xbox? Cause we are built right near the cave on the world border too, and eggs don't spawn in cave, it is a known well documented issue on console official servers
  9. Where are the wyvern eggs?

    The cave in the south is glitched and does not spawn eggs on official servers. As for none in trench, I can't help you there
  10. Lol o know exactly where you are on the island map
  11. GM Never Showed Up

    Sounds about right
  12. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    When will we be able to play on xbox PvP with orp?
  13. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will there ever be a time when ddos and duping are no longer present in the game?
  14. Elevator rail

    Ok thx. Looking at building one on a PvP server to get land dinos up to base, gonna take a lot of resources lol
  15. Elevator rail

    Hi, quick question, are elevator rails 1 wall high or are they taller? The wiki doesn't tell me that the actual size of them is so just curious