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  1. Many bases on ragnarok? That would be were I would wanna build, possibly have 3 other members for my tribe
  2. What do you mean difficulty? Like wild levels are higher then 150?
  3. Will Aberration be another clown car?

    I'd say it is 50/50 chance, and this is why. If abomination had been released months ago as promised originally, it would be 100% chance of clown car shenanigans. However, due to there inability to hit deadlines and lack of transparency I feel like many of the ppl who may have bought into this dlc are either fed up with wc and not forking out more cash for a broken game. That or they have left the Game all together for something like pubg, which comes out the same day. I don't know of 1 person I play with that is getting abomination.
  4. It is not a bug, it is working as intended. There is nothing your friend can do to change that characters attributes, unless the rumoured character reset happens. Quickest solution is to create a new character on a island server and go explorer note hunting
  5. I believe there is a character reset planned in the near future by wildcard. I just don't remember if it was for when abomination comes out or when the ragnarok map expansion finally gets released.....
  6. Many members?
  7. Of course the dino is in a pen, but that just requires some c4 to take care Of, then kite to dino chase limit, then proceed to kill with compound bow out of range of dino lol
  8. The whole turret mode discussion where dinos could be left on aggressive and not be kited away has but one glaring flaw that, after reading 31 pages of comments, to my surprise was never mentioned..... If something like this was added where dinos aggressively defended a defined area, players could still just sit just outside of the area and shoot the dinos to death in relative safety..... which is a lot easier then being able to life dinos as it is now.....
  9. Stego hit box fixed?

    Ok I saw a post on here awhile ago with someone saying with the last update they changed the stego got box so that the plates don't protect the rider anymore, Is this in fact true? I never saw anyone confirm that it was and never saw anything in patch notes either. Rumour has it my server is being invaded on the weekend and just trying to get a better understanding of how best to defend my base...
  10. Tribe tame limit

    And this is why all the pve servers are hitting the cap limit now.....cant have it both ways. If they kept the 200 tame limits on pve and all tames cpintes again you would not be having as much of an issue with tame limits
  11. Damage numbers on console option

    Lol is go target dummy route first
  12. Damage numbers on console option

    Yeah for sure, I have a 218% ascendant double barrel I use in the ice cave on ragnarok, would like to know how hard it is hitting....
  13. Damage numbers on console option

    Does this work on officials, or just player dedi/single player?