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  1. Supaciv

    Ragnarok boss question

    Ok, so me and my tribe did the easy fight last night, didn't lost anything which was nice, but before the countdown timer hit zero i only located the 25 manticore element, and after teleporting by to ragnarok, we did not find the dragon element on any of our dinosaurs. So my question is, does the element despawn from Rex's inventory if you don't take it out before leaving the arena, or was the element somehow not harvested from the dragon?
  2. Supaciv

    Medium Ragnarok boss fight.

    Yeah, after imprint they start with 428ish melee. Yeah I knew the best attack of the dragon did like 20% health per hit
  3. Supaciv

    Medium Ragnarok boss fight.

    Most likely 4. 2 on rexs, 1 on yuty 1 on pig
  4. Supaciv

    Medium Ragnarok boss fight.

    I crafting characterd up some saddles tonight got some 80+ saddles with the highest being 88.8 armour. We have lots of eggs, so can easily raise some purpose built dragon rexs no prob and use grinder to level them up
  5. Ok so my tribe and I are looking at attempting the medium ragnarok boss fight tonight and we have ok rexs at best. Our rexs are like 30k 500+ melee, we also have 70-90 armour saddles and the rexs are all 100%imprint. What are our odds of beating it? We will also be taking guns with 200%+ damage so that should help
  6. Supaciv

    Evolution Event this week-end

    Dino capped servers is only a pve Problem, you never see a PvP server run into that, we need the breeding events cause of all the utm cheating, we need to rebuild nearly every month
  7. Ok, so my question is that a tribe mate told me that it is possible for more then one of us to pick up an artifact at a time, like when We do the ice cave on ragnarok, there's a way for more then one of us to retrieve the pack artifact per run. Is this actually a thing? Cause when we did it, I was the first and only one able to pick up the artifact. If it is a thing, what is the process you must follow to get it to work? I am running the labyrinth tonight and would like to know of we can collect more then 1 of each artifact, meaning 1 of each artifact per tribe member. Thx
  8. Supaciv

    Oviraptor question

    Ok, I was just looking at dododex and there was a tip that the ovi egg laying buff stacks up to 3 times, is this actually true? I was unaware it would stack
  9. Supaciv

    Grinder question

    Hey, we have 1 grinder set up for grinding wood and I was wondering if multiple grinders stack the xp you gain or if it stays the same
  10. Supaciv

    Grinder question.

    Hey, we have a grinder setup and I was wondering if we made a second Grinder, does the xp stack?
  11. Supaciv

    Ice worms in cave

    Ok, I have heard in the past week that ice worms have gone bk to being invisible again in the ice cave, can anyone tell me if this is indeed the case? Just figured I'd ask instead of losing all my gear to invisible worms if that is indeed the case.
  12. Supaciv

    Ice cave worms invisible?

    So this weekend I was told that the ice worms in the ice cave are bk to being invisible? Can anyone tell me if this is true or not?
  13. Supaciv

    Which map?

    Ragnarok, best map, it is FREE and has everything you can find on the island, center and scorched earth. Great pots to build, lots of caves, high level dinos. If your looking to set up on just one map, ragnarok is the map for you!
  14. Supaciv

    Community Crunch 115!

    So where is the event.....?
  15. Supaciv

    Double breeding?

    Our severs are fine with events, wc keeps screwing us over with friday night updates is all we have to worry about