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  1. ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    I know you guys said its been delayed but all I would like to know is will we get a release date like on Monday after Twitchcon is over and done? I would at least love a release date so I can mark it on my calendar. I think not knowing a release date would make people feel better than it being up to speculation. Not asking what the date is right now but would like to know if the announcement will be after Twitchcon?
  2. Aberration Livestream Today

    Some means an unspecified amount or number of so pretty much he was told to say they don't know if it will meet the October deadline or not. I bet it was scheduled to release this weekend and instead they decided to demo it at twitch con to get feedback and to see if there are any more things they need to improve. while yes its disappointing I'm glad they at least said we will some it all up and get a date for you guys after twitch con which makes me feel better than them just saying we are delaying it and no other info.
  3. Ark: Aberration

    the way i see it based on what I've watched and heard is: Jat and Jen are community people they relay info to us from the main devs. they can't give us a exact date or say if it will be sooner or later, so Jat used the term "some weeks" which the definition of some means: an unspecified amount or number of. he corrected himself several times because he does not want to promise it will be sooner or later they may only have a few things and it will release on Halloween or it will be released at the end of the first week of November. I'm guessing more of a November 10th release. No i don't think it will be delayed till December because after watching the gameplay on the streams it actually does not have a ton of issues. yes the gliding may need polishing or the climbing but most of the stuff looked incredible! just listening to them talk about it you can tell they are excited as well cause its pretty incredible. We also got to see a 4th cute creature when they said there would only be 3. so id say tune into the demo streams to see for yourself cause it looks so much better than SE and the PVE will be amazing.
  4. Are you buying aberation?

    yeh thats the issue with the console they honestly released it to soon for console problem is its not steam they are sending updates through its Microsoft. I do understand people's frustration with the devs but in the end its a PC game that was made compatible for consoles and was done before the full release on PC or of the game at all. They should have not released it to console till they figured stuff out cause they have to work with Sony and Microsoft also so that delays updates as well and those companies can be a pain when it comes to getting patches out. I waited over 6 weeks for them to allow a patch to go through for Fallout 4 and that was a nightmare. Im glad they are making it available to everyone on all platforms but at this point the PC version really has non of the issues that I'm hearing from the console players unless your PC just can't handle the game. So now they are just trying to deal with getting things fixed for the console people and i hope they do soon.
  5. Ark: Aberration

    Yes you can but with the DLC id personally start over to get the full experience but I'm sure if you want to you can.
  6. Ark: Aberration

    I can confirm that this was said on a post i just read this too lets hope they are releasing it at Twitchcon!
  7. Are you buying aberation?

    are you a PC player? if so connecting to your own server is not the dev's issue thats your server provider you need to contact them and tell them to fix your server or switch your host provider. The Ark Dev's are not in control of personal servers only the ones they run
  8. Are you buying aberation?

    Bought it the moment it was announced with the season pass i play on PC on unofficial servers and love this game i don't play official due to the fact to many people crowd the server and over run it and bases are left up and that causes lag too. lots of the issues people complain about in the lag department either are on an official and deal with the lag from a crowded server, or their pc can't handle the game. meeting minimal requirements does not mean you will run the game well it barley runs at that. unfortunately a ton of games today require better hardware due to graphics getting better. as for console players the game started on pc and was then brought to console and there are several games that I've played that are amazing on PC and then on console they suck. its not easy to port an console game to pc or a pc game to console. So many games i wish were on pc won't ever be cause the dev don't want to do that cause its more work.
  9. Ark: Aberration

    cant wait to see pics of everyone's build!
  10. Ark: Aberration

    yes my rock drake hanger will be epic!
  11. Ark: Aberration

    yes I'm so excited for the building looking to build a hanger and barn for our tames up on those. it will be so cool and yes new dyes!
  12. Ark: Aberration

    I think one of the new guys will be a warning for the earthquakes and the other natural stuff that happens on aberration as for the little light bugs I think those are the things we must kill to get gel for glow sticks they kinda hinted at that when they showed them with the glow stick in the trailer. For the new building stuff they said we would not get a new building tier but new types of building items and I think we only saw the rock platform in the trailer.
  13. Ark: Aberration

    i hope they have some neon colors or alien colors that be cool it honestly looks like we may get it on the 19th or 20th if not then we riot lmao
  14. Ark: Aberration

    No prob if you look in the Color ID chart you will see wyvern green, purple, orange, ect. so maybe they made new colors for a few of the new dinos
  15. Ark: Aberration

    the wyverns brought in more admin colors so i wonder if any new color IDs will be added with this DLC id love that as for release date it is looking like it will be this next weekend at Twitchcon so the 19th or 20th if not then we can all start worrying about a delay