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  1. I would like to ask if Fire Wyverns are on the map? I looked in the trench and the fire part has not a single fire wyvern has anyone seen them or are they not in the dlc either cause above it said only poison and lightning where not in it.
  2. Now it says Dec 2017 on steam...you guys need to just give a date already. A better way to do it is after the first delay say it will be December then if its done earlier release it early. Ik you guys repeat over and over it will be this year but the changing dates on stuff like steam or in articles without saying anything on the bigger platforms makes it look bad. You should have stated it will be a day in December on this post. Cause it will sure not be November now. Be straight forward and don't be vague there is no 2017 after December so it is now going to have to be December for a 2017 r
  3. he is pretty cool ill have to see him in action in the game to really compare them cause as of now those fallout mole rats are a pain in the butt.
  4. love people trying to guess what it is when its based off a real animal its a Naked Mole Rat except its larger and mutated like the ones in fallout.
  5. yeh ill play it since I can run the game fine without lag I just hope that they do get it to us this next month because those streams made me want to play even more. Ark needs this new DLC to bring people back and most of us are waiting on it and are not playing till then. lets just all hope we get some news this weekend in the weekly news update.
  6. they delayed it so now its looking like sometime in November so early November or Mid November.
  7. you do know Ragnorak is not is a mod map turned official by them? the rag devs are the ones you need to talk to about that yes they delay things but the completion of the Ragnorak map is up to the people who are making it. They even stream working on it which is fun to watch. separate people working on different maps. The Center is another map that they didn't finish cause they could not cause the guy doing it stopped. As for aberration, I think honestly it will be out in November. Its not that far from being done from watching the streams. I can see why it would never had made the October dat
  8. when do you guys think aberration will be released? I'm thinking start of November or mid November.
  9. i thought we would get a date after twitch con?
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