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  1. Nitrado CrossPlay

  2. Nitrado CrossPlay

    @TobyBacoon im confused @Jatheishwhat does this mean?
  3. im building an underwater base to try and stay off the radar for a little while. i have all tek engrams unlocked with this being an extremely boosted server. can you use the tek rep underwater the tek teleporter underwater. granted all of these can be used inside vacuum chambers but can they be used on an foundation underwater? any good base designs for an underwater bases using vacuum compartments? this is pvp so all base designs need to be defended at least a little. are there better items to use underwater new engrams?
  4. 100 turret limit code

    i dont know where exactly to put this but is there a code for the 100 turret change so for a natrado server owner to change it? thanks for all the help im looking for the location and (command ) so it can be changed i like to run my server differently. or if you can update the limit?
  5. willing to check it out do you have to drops code modded if so can u sent me the code for it ?
  6. What Are The Nameless?

    remove troodons and pegos make ark great again
  7. What Are The Nameless?

    lol i hate them
  8. im very interested in joining how does dino damage go up by?
  9. thank you the server is amazing i really appreciate it and great Dungeon Keepers (ADMIN) really respectful.
  10. so if i join the prim+ server to be a trader your going to be instantly raided bc if u get the obsidian pick u can break down lumber in seconds
  11. NA247x25 PS4

    can u message me @ c_and_J_ga