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  1. What Are The Nameless?

    remove troodons and pegos make ark great again
  2. What Are The Nameless?

    lol i hate them
  3. ^^^? im confused
  4. im very interested in joining how does dino damage go up by?
  5. thank you the server is amazing i really appreciate it and great Dungeon Keepers (ADMIN) really respectful.
  6. so if i join the prim+ server to be a trader your going to be instantly raided bc if u get the obsidian pick u can break down lumber in seconds
  7. NA247x25 PS4

    can u message me @ c_and_J_ga
  8. im looking to get started on a clustered server with all of the maps what is the best map and how would i start out?
  9. any1 know the bear cave with the water in it?
  10. Therizinosaurus way overpowered

    Therizinosaurus are op but if u got some its amazing
  11. Big base locations

    ok thanks m8
  12. im looking for a bear cave on the center and underwater base locations on the island im a 2-3 person tribe so it doesn't have to be super big any help will be helpful