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  1. Hm. If your on a computer, check the source code. It will show you. But I can't do that on my phone
  2. .... Necro.. the method with least requirements is argy + fire arrows and oil jars. Ptera works too.
  3. Actually.. no need to check.. pressing start it shows in server settings that it's disabled..
  4. Most people who respond to help posts are looking under all activity. So listing platform helps. I have 23 minute timer. Doesn't say anything about disabled but I'll check again when timer is rdy Based on the number of tames I've found outside the oblisk on 2 different servers.. I'm assuming it's disabled across the board..
  5. What server is it? You lack enough info to receive help m8 Some servers have been reported to not be able to upload or download anything. Haven't tested any of mine, it could be a problem across the board. But I've only heard about a couple servers
  6. Neroku did a test for loot on alpha raptor, carno and rex a few weeks back and put it on YouTube. 5 aloha raptor kills gave him a MasterCraft item 2 jman crossbows and a jman tool.. that's not counting the other stuff. And like I said.. alpha raptors are easy. They literally stand there letting you shoot them in the face. In a 4 hour time period I killed 7 alpha raptors starting from scratch lvl 1 and starting to kill them after just 5 explorer notes. I was level 78 at the end of the 4 hour mark (official PvP server, not Extinction or hardcore) it was durring evolution event though
  7. Indeed. I do use a pick. One of many ascendants that I got from focusing levels.. with a mantis I got the deathworm horns to tame through.. you guessed it.. focusing levels... If you honestly think there is something nooby about a max damage mantis with an ascendant pick farming metal.. read a book m8.
  8. I use a mantis because I'm a solo player that focuses on leveling (not note running, but combining notes with alpha raptor kills then scorched for deathworm hunting) and raptor? LOL... At least go with wolf m8.. raptors were only ever a thing in 2016. It's 2018.. on top of that.. speed is a mandatory stat for PvP.. unless you are fighting beach scrubs.. don't worry.. most people are like you. Pro tip.. your harder to hit if your not on a dino.. you are more un predictable (dino turn radius ECT makes kiting you easy) and when I force you off your tame you will be my woman because you never learned basic PvP combat <3 but thanks to people like you I haven't crafted my own saddle is ages.
  9. Um.. you realize a raptor is common spawn in easy zones? Dying till you get speed (145 is enough to outrun raptors now) is all part of it. But like I said.. I don't recommend getting tames till you can get the levels. Because they will just die. Takes 10 seconds to respawn.. takes half hour to tame a new dino depending on the dino. So no.. I don't recommend getting tames till your equiped to defend them.. thats counting levels.. levels is the most important thing early on..
  10. This is so gross.. the lists of terrible advice that people give.. bruh.. if your actually USING "starter Dino's" your doing it wrong.. it is simply too easy to level up and unlock saddles for late game creatures.. this is 2018.. there are at least 3 ways to get to level 50 solo in a couple hours. And honestly.. I wouldn't even recommend getting an ACTUAL tame till you get there.. dodos? Sure.. dilos? Sure.. but these come after crops mate.. that being said.. if you want to rush into taming.. follow the steps below. 1. Spawn on island.. get explore notes till at least level 20. 2. Transfer to Ragnarok and spawn in NE highlands 3. Pick carrots and tame highest equus you find.. then you can tame 99% of starter tames.. 4. Rage quit because your tames die because your a noob that's taming starter tames when you can hit lvp 70 in 3 hours easily.
  11. From personal experience.. false. I've never seen an egg that matched a male wyv.. but that doesn't mean I can garantee it's not possible.. but I haven't seen it. And I'd say about 25% of the time I see a female that matches the eggs there.
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