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  1. Jlmaples

    "When I was a newbie..."

    I pressed y while ridingy tribes quetz. (Dismounting) when I was trying to access radial menu.. ended up walking of the quetz, couldn't find it. I promised my tribe I would get them a new one. I loaded up on narcotics, tranqs ECT and set off. I was told a quetzal is a carnivore. After finally taming it I told them i would never do that again cause its to time consuming. He asked how long it took and I told them.. "uh" was all he could say. And I asked what. And he said why did you raw meat tame a 110 quetz when we have the kibble................... PS the worst part.. was that I was actually excited to bring them a higher level quetz. Until I found out I spent 5x as long for worse taming effectiveness.
  2. Jlmaples


    Imprinting was put in place to reward those who can pull off pure imprints. It wasnt meant to be on the scale that many have made it out to be. That being said. I don't think they should make it easier.. it's supposed to be alot of effort to get the imprint bonus. On top of that.. it's not "anyone in the tribe can do it" because that defeats the point of imprinting. It imprints to you. If you aren't the one doing it, it shouldn't imprint.. that's how it SHOULD be.. no offence mate but I feel you have mis-interpreted imprinting. The sharing account thing is an unfortunate workaround.. not something they should make easier to basically cheat.
  3. Jlmaples

    Ark keeps crashing on Xbox one

    Hm. If your on a computer, check the source code. It will show you. But I can't do that on my phone
  4. Jlmaples

    Most Underrated Dino

    Megaloceros. Hard counters onyc and dimorphs, has solid scaling for it's size, solid speed.. prim + I use a bred one to defend my base from rexes that kept coming up to eat my plants.. I would chase them and hit them and run and repeat. Eventually killing all 3 of their rexes before they made it to my second layer of xplants. I don't ever run caves anymore nor do I do boss fights so I have little use for them. But they are extremely good in the right circumstances
  5. Jlmaples

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    This is ignant. I have never lost a character by transferring to another server ( I play official PvP) and I transfer a minimum of 4 times a day for the past half a year or something? Infact.. I have a metal outpost.. farm metal, hold structures in my inventory and transfer my character into my base on another server. Literally everything I do is on another server. Please enlighten me though. How high are the odds? Cause I feel the odds are higher for dying in a car accident while sitting on your couch in your own home. Then again, I guess you would consider that high odds too.
  6. Jlmaples

    How to make ARK better.

    Sorry m8. But that's not even remotely fair. I have been playing solo since after I left my first and only tribe (back when brood mother spawned on our base and we farmed chitin to make cp). Would it be cool to raise a hundred theriz without having to protect them? Yeah.. but using pve gains in pve would be unfair. Why should you be able to use something in PvP nobody could prevent you from obtaining? It isn't right and it's a cowards way of doing things. I want to tame a 150 giga to come eat your Dino's with, you should have every right to try to stop me before I have it. Here's an idea.. your strategy clearly isn't working.. switch it. Why keep banging your head against the wall and complaining that it hurts.. god isn't going to make it so that it tickles. Why should you ask wild card to. I have MasterCraft bps and keep gaining in stolen loot. Your not supposed to be able to solo 50 players.. it's just not how it works. You have to outsmart them. Hide and build up. Attack when they aren't ready. I can't share how I've managed to keep my breeding lines safe, because if it becomes popular it would no longer be safe. I will say this though, if your breeding at all, make sure it's worth it by breeding as much as you can handle. (20 pteras in a few days is better than 1 and only slightly more time consuming)
  7. Jlmaples

    best way to kill Deathworms?

    .... Necro.. the method with least requirements is argy + fire arrows and oil jars. Ptera works too.
  8. Actually.. no need to check.. pressing start it shows in server settings that it's disabled..
  9. Jlmaples

    how do i raid on a boosted server???

    Stegos.. most boosted drop servers give asc saddles.. stego + asc saddle + c4.. in my opinion raiding boosted servers is easier.. not harder. Just breed stegos and throw asc saddles and that's that. Wall hp isn't increased..
  10. Most people who respond to help posts are looking under all activity. So listing platform helps. I have 23 minute timer. Doesn't say anything about disabled but I'll check again when timer is rdy Based on the number of tames I've found outside the oblisk on 2 different servers.. I'm assuming it's disabled across the board..
  11. What platform? I'm on Xbox and getting on to check.
  12. What server is it? You lack enough info to receive help m8 Some servers have been reported to not be able to upload or download anything. Haven't tested any of mine, it could be a problem across the board. But I've only heard about a couple servers
  13. Jlmaples

    Dinos carrying dinos

    Nice. Glad you found it. Can't imagine what kind of damage I will do with a giganto with speed/damage pumped while carrying a damage pumped dimorphodon..... Thanks for the realization
  14. Jlmaples

    Dinos carrying dinos

    Um. I didn't thing Bigfoot could carry shoulder mounts. According to wiki.. it's c for PC. Which is crouch. Try analog stick, let me know if it works.. I am super curious cause my prized breed is dimorphodons, but due to lack of speed and health.. having a Bigfoot carry them and just pumping damage could prove to be deadly levels of dps.
  15. 324 dimorphodon. Still the most underated creatures in game. 59 points health 62 melee. Easy to hide, directly counters trolls.. even easier to mass produce. Note. I am a solo player and have no alliances. This is the only thing I've been able to keep breeding lines safe with.