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  1. It is fixed. I do agree that PVP makes you a better player, however I am a mom of 4 and all the hard work I have put in (on a peaceful server) being destroyed by raiders was surely not something I was laughing at. I look forward to the limited time I have to play at night when my kids go down.
  2. Our server on Rag XBOX ONE was switched last night from PVE to PVP on Ragnarok.....Why? As of right now, we are being raided. Everyone is upset. Why would our server be switched over night like that to where we are robbed and everything we have done on this new Ragnarok server is veing destroyed. We are peaceful. I do not get this. If I wanted to fight with people I would have gone to PVP server. Please fix this!!! You guys changed it back a few days ago when you did this before and now we logon and our server is changed to PVP again. I am begging you to fix this before I have nothing left. Worked so hard and now we are losing everything. Please stop the server switch and change us back to PVE as we started.