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  1. Eclystius

    Why the complaints about official pvp

    The sooner people let go of something being forever, the sooner they can better enjoy this game. It, and the community, will constantly challenge and eviscerate you until you either learn or quit. One's ability to look at their mistakes and learn from them greatly defines how much a player can get out of this game in the long term. I like this game because of how punishing it is. I've yet to get a character above lvl 70 in pvp, but I've already seen these truths. It makes for a splendid challenge to both one's patience and ability to withstand defeat.
  2. Eclystius

    Tribe Limits

    I'd recommend getting to know the community a bit more before jumping to conclusions about knowing how it all works.
  3. Eclystius

    Local Hosted Game MUTATIONS

    I haven't had any problems with the testing I have done on single player
  4. Eclystius

    Meat runs on Ragnarok

    A lot about Ragnarok is the spacing of everything. There is very little requiring control of a single spot on the map. Perhaps you need to consider going in differing directions each time for better results. This would give the other areas time to repopulate.
  5. Eclystius


    I feel like landmines would be more of a tek type weapon with the way engrams currently work. We have tripwire mines and c4, at the moment. They added a sticky grenade that is tek. An upgrade of tripwire mines would almost certainly need to be tek for balance sake or they would be scattered all over by everyone. It would get out of hand very quickly.
  6. Eclystius

    Epidemics and natural diseases !

    I think this would be a better effect for an island created specifically for these things. Then technologies could be added to compensate or deal with some of the disasters.
  7. Eclystius

    "Chainsaws can no longer be used while running"

    at least you can still run with scissors?
  8. Eclystius

    I want better mining gear!

    Hah... wouldn't this be funny. I would surprised, though, if they aren't considering it since the chainsaw was added.
  9. oh I don't care about the raiding and killing based on level... I got to build a small metal base and got 10 stacks of metal ingots in my first 48 hours and it wasn't found and destroyed for over a week while I put satelite bed/farming stations all over island on official. I don't really want to play happy go lucky everyone gets along ark... but the 24 hour raiding window thing... that sounds interesting if it doesn't get too out of hand. I might have to look at how that works without bogging down the server with people being able to build too much or whatever. I have a habit of thinking of the cons as much as I think of positives ahead of time lol I guess I kind of like the idea of being to pillage what people leave open for being silly enough to just leave it there and whatnot
  10. Eclystius

    Tek Supply Crates?

    I think these things could be great ideas if there were more tiers of advancement in the game. I imagine ascending moving people into a higher tier of island itself... moved away to a new one so lower level players can have a chance to move up to actually challenge raids and such. Making these higher tiers only drop and be usable on the higher tier islands would be incentive for harder core pvp groups to hold the ascended islands instead of the lower tier ones. In doing this, one would create a 'ladder' of sorts for pvp players to learn and move up instead of having these 'alpha tribes' because as they ascend into the higher tier of the ladder, they already have access to the tek level engrams, but the alpha tribe would have better versions of them from beating the top tier bosses. This would give a lot more balance to the game and create end-game aspired goals by making them difficult to obtain... heck you could even put time limits to how long you have the very top tier Tek blueprints or put other interesting mechanics in to create a competitive environment for challenge and fun at the top tier.
  11. Yea, there are indeed underwater caves. Who knows what kind of uses things like this could have in Aberration with so much underground.
  12. I've considered trying out unofficial, but do you have a list of ones worth checking out? I'm still holding onto getting a foothold in pvp official. Maybe I'm crazy, but I like challenge ;p
  13. Eclystius


    Hi there. I can't really call myself veteran, but I'm enjoying it, too!
  14. Eclystius

    This is me

    This is the me. I am the persons. I played the games. Sometimes I played the games but good. There are even times I does the english but good. This may or may not be a time I does the english but good. Yay good!