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  1. ShadyMexican

    Ark fake 3gb update glitch (xbox one)

    Im currently playing it(online) The only way i seem to fix it(short time fix) is if you reconnect to your internet(don't click the option to go offline, completely reconnect). What works for me.
  2. So i hop on my xbox wanting to play some ark and when i go to my games and app. I see an update for ark so i let it download at when i did it just disappeared immediately. So i didn't think much of it and started up the game. When i did it closed and told me to download a 3gb update, so i did and it did the same thing and disappeared. So i decided to restart my xbox to see if it will work and same issue. I fixed it by reconnecting to my wifi and it worked fine after that. Later i get off and when i hop back on the exact same issue happens. Is something wrong with the game files? Note- Every other game runs smoothly starting up no issue. Only ARK.