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  1. ShooterEntry server Hey, my friend's server and several others went down after this latest forced update that went out like a half hour ago, and our server is now listen as "ShooterEntry" for the map, has 70 slots instead of our normal 15, and any time we try to connect, we get timed out instantly. What happened?
  2. I agree that some of the older dinos need reworking, don't get me wrong, love the game, it is one of my favorite games, if not most favorite Spino - The switching posture idea would be nice, and perhaps slightly smaller forearms Stego/Kentro - Maybe not the joker mouth they currently have Pteranadons - some body feathers similar to the Quetzal Plesiosaur - Alter the head Coelacanth - Maybe a slight size increase (for the minimum) and perhaps ocean only, since they are saltwater Mammoth - One set of tusks Argentavis - Could have some model rework for the head
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