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  1. Wow. Yet another x2 event, and the servers are down again. Perhaps you should find new engineers/DBAs? This is pretty ridiculous.
  2. Ugh... This is insanity. Figured I'd give the server one last chance, since I have so much building done and such. Well, I had that mentality after the last 6 crashes and hard down-time. I'm about to give up and just play solo
  3. Hm... https://twitter.com/nitrado_en?lang=en https://ipinfo.io/AS199610/ AND https://nitrado-status.net/ Based on the status, the servers are back up. Alas, no 194/195/13. See ya later, x2 event!
  4. I think it means the server (software/ARK side) isn't just "offline", but the hardware itself is unreachable, aka the actual server itself is down completely. Care to chime in on that WookieWizard?
  5. I second what WookieWizard states and asks. It's great that nearly 24 hours later you're talking to us and working on a fix... but at this stage in the game, someone needs to really break it down to us what the issues have been, especially to the engineer/developer/admin types (we play games too, go figure). Everyone deserves to know why they have been having a unsatisfactory experience with a "thing" they paid money for. Missing an x2 event adds salt to the wounds. Losing builds, resources, pets, and levels, etc. due to rollbacks and such, adds lime juice to the wounds. Getting time off to play the whole weekend and enjoy the x2 event on your BIRTHDAY? I'm pretty pissed, to be honest, and I'm usually quite patient with these scenarios.
  6. Derjyn

    official pve 194, still down

    She's down again, has been for almost an hour now
  7. Did you set that up? I mean, is that official, or something that some random person threw up, that is collecting our personal info?
  8. Looks like it just went *poof* again. Hit level 50. Sure hope my toon didn't get nuked. Again.
  9. Oh no... Did the server just nuke again?! Also, my toon never got restored. I lost a level 60+, all my items, and my 2 dinos.
  10. I got on this server earlier today, without knowing anything about the issues. Just got back into ARK, after like a 6 month break. Got a new toon up to level 65, tamed a diplo and some other dinos, and traveled to this server, taking notice of the fact that there was good ping, and it was on day 19. Seemed like a nice fresh start (after not being able to build anywhere decent on other servers). Played for a couple hours, then *poof*. Lost my stuff. This hasn't happened to me before, so I though an admin punished me or something. Now I learn this is common? I'd be happy just to get my character back... But I feel for the others who put in a lot of work, only to have it lost. I fear the building I'm doing now is over some awesome base someone previously had