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  1. Longneck 1v1 tournament today at 3pm CST!
  2. Welcome to our new Island Cluster!
  3. No griefers have settled on our server yet!
  4. There is still an opportunity to become the alpha tribe! No bosses have been done yet!
  5. We provide a great experience for both new and settled players! Ask the staff to transfer some of your old dinos to the server!
  6. Admin applications are now open!
  7. 7X Weekend now active!
  8. We decided that Abberation is to released as the first cluster server!
  9. Plenty of new players to team up with! Grow stronger together!
  10. Ice Queen event today!
  11. New Logo along with a Halloween event today!
  12. Thanks, ImCheating, We're definitely happy to see positive and serious players like you join our server!
  13. A lot of active players already! drop by our discord for a chat and we'll help you get set up!
  14. The admin tribe of 3 people won't interefere with pvp matters !