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  1. I tryed that too, even if i wasn't overclocking anything, but the results were not noticeable
  2. did you had any program that overclocked/strange drivers or programs/anything like that? I'm asking because not anyone can c format
  3. As i said i did a fast research, as i had to go to school, anyway i landed on the nvidia forum where they were talking about the driver version 387.68, but as i tend to stay away from the insider program i'm not sure how it works, the post is fairly recent too.
  4. from a fast research they are for windows insider, so not stable thing yet, but if this improves the situation for you i'm glad to hear that and hope they bring us all some hope >.<
  5. can i ask what version? because just yesterday was released the version 385.69 both on nvidia site and nvidia experience
  6. new nvidia drivers from yesterday+new patch+ installing EVGA Precision X and disabling OSD: still crash with same error
  7. I'm installing EVGA Precision X right now, but what do you mean with OSD?
  8. Yup, regulary doing the maintenance on my system too, both software and hardware
  9. yeah, i tryed it before and after the update, and even with rolling back drivers it crashes for me. EDIT: By the way, i'm going to try every time i see ark updated, even if patch notes don't say anything about it, just to be sure, and if something changes i'll report it here
  10. any map, any server, and even in solo, it doesn't matter, they are random, so not tied to a specific location or so, i tryed all possible settings bewen medium shadows, windowed, fullscreen, fullscreenwindowed and any other in between. 8gb of ram gtx 680 intel core i7 2600k cpu @ 3.40GHz win 10 home edition 64 bit. in the past the game worked fine