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  1. I just kind of gave up on the map after taming a titian so im not really sure
  2. Will, there be any more dinos being added or taken out of the game, and if not, will there be any more redesigns like the TLC changes in the future? Also, will there be more player-created maps being added to the base game so that console can have some fresh maps
  3. When activated, the thermal view on both the scout and snow owl becomes extremely distorted and pixelated, almost lagging the thermal imaging, with the owl being impossible to see with if using it. The scout has the same problem, but since its own thermal image is small and relatively unmoving, it is more usable that the snow owl. Please fix I think that this is an important part of both creatures and for it to be unusable takes away from the purpose of the creatures, especially since it has been happening since release
  4. In the most recent update, upon entering one of the domes on extinction, the biome would not show entirely on the dome walls, and the rest of the map can be seen through the walls. Moving around, the glitch eventually encompasses the entire dome, so that no holographic biome is visible
  5. Whenever I enter or leave one of the domes on extinction in PS4 singleplayer, the hexagon pattern doesn't fade away, and the game crashes. The only way to stay in the domes is to relog, and I have to do that every time I leave or enter one. Please fix, because it makes a large portion of the map unnecessarily hard to get to.
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