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  1. oh coool another evolution event that im gonna get ddos for thanks for nothing
  2. ddos all weekend the official server I play on has been getting ddos on and off all weekend, the support page is not letting me open a ticket...
  3. ok we decided we will disable alliances. but informal alliances are ok. lol this an obvious cop out because they have been overloaded with ticket requests and reports of people teaming in six man.
  4. If i wasn't already so emotionally beaten down from playing on official servers for years now, I would cry. Needless to say Wilcard actually surprised me, I was not expecting something this pathetic at all. I assumed it would be the final dlc, or possibly 3x rates across all servers. rip
  5. yall need to increase the rates for taming harvesting and breeding for. make it like 2 or 3x because the grind is not worth it at all with the mega tribes. and the only people that would complain or not like are the mega tribes. There really is not enough pvp because of the grind.
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