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  1. Hello, brigands, ruffians, knights, heroes and all combatants in between, and welcome to the first episode of Bull's Beastiary. As you all may be aware, there are numerous prehistoric beasties roaming the Island, Sorched Earth, Aberration and beyond as well as various modern animals and even creatures of a more fantastical nature. The idea behind this is to help newer players figure out the basic behavior of some of the beasts of the Island and beyond. And what better to start off this series than one of the most famous dinosaurs both in ARK and in almost any medium concerning dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex! (note, this is all from a PVE perspective) Threat Level: (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest) Early Game (Thatch/Wood/Primitive Tier): 7 on most occasions, 8 if near ones' base. Mid-Game (Stone and Basic Metal Equipment): 4 Mostly, between 5-7 if a high level, or if it has access to more precious and weaker tames. Late-Game (Metal Buildings, electrical and beyond): 3 usually, 4-5 if the level is extremely high Behavior: Highly aggressive towards anything that's not a predator, and in certain cases, still kills them. Strengths: High attack damage, high health. Weaknesses: Mostly low speed, only negated when a player is riding it and sprinting or if an alpha. Huge size. Taming Tips: The primary thing you need to worry about, especially if you have plenty of speed and stamina, and other than the obvious preparations such as taming food (the rex's favorite kibble is made from Pulmonoscorpius AKA the Giant Scorpion's eggs, by the by) is making sure that there aren't any predators who might disturb your taming. It usually isn't difficult leading the Rex to a solitary spot where you can safely tame it. Other than that, I'd also advise preparations for a lengthy trip, as Rexes can take a while both to knock out and actually tame at higher levels. Once tamed (AKA Usage): One of the best war mounts, these things are prime hunters and are some of the best creatures you can tame and breed if you plan on taking on the endgame bosses. Personal Experience: The main thing you have to fear from a Rex, as far as I've seen, is if you have nowhere to run. As long as there is room to run (and no other predators) you can usually get away from it, especially if you have increased movement speed. Though they have lost some of their teeth (pun intended, reference to the TLC update) due to the appearance of ever-increasingly dangerous creatures on the various ARKs, they still shouldn't be underestimated. These bad boys are the backbones alot of players rely on for the endgame raids, and even wild ones of a high level can prove almost as dangerous as tamed and trained members of their species. Taming requires a decent chunk of concentration and resources at high levels. The best way to deal with a rex you can't kill is to outrun it or make it go somewhere it will be trapped. Just be careful not to get yourself cornered, or else you'll be trying to get your stuff back while a 25-foot lizard-like monstrosity capable of biting you in half with one good chomp chases you. Thanks for reading!
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    When you're about to FINALLY tame that 120 creature with max tame effectiveness...and along comes a Giga
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    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Finally got my game updated and have been painting my creatures and myself like crazy.
  4. Greetings and salutations fellow scholars, explorers, brigands, adventurers and warriors alike! My name is Bull1128, but you can call me Valus. This series, and more particularly, this episode, is for anyone who may be new to the ARK. The Island, (AKA, the first ARK you'll ever likely see) is a beautiful yet dangerous place with many prehistoric wonders just waiting for someone to find them...albeit a good lot of them want to tear you apart and eat you, but nevertheless, the island is just as grand in the sights and sounds just as it is deadly. Now, without further ado, let's get into it, shall we. A small note before we begin, at the start, regardless of when and where you are on the ARK, you are bound to die a lot at first. This game requires lots of patience and I recommend that you also take time to study some of the mechanics to get the best jumpstart. Before you begin an online adventure, I highly recommend playing at least a few hours solo. This will give you a good idea what the ARK is like and just how to survive it. The beauty of solo is that you can adjust the ARK how you see fit, so, even if you don't intend to play offline for long, you can practice in a controlled space to your liking until you are used to it. If you want to get online right away, I highly recommend a PVE server at first, if you can get one. PVP can be very harsh and unforgiving, especially to new players, so it might be better to start on an ARK where everyone either works together or minds their own business versus one where everyone is trying to kill the first person they see. Now, when it comes to tribes, there advantages and disadvantages to certain size tribes. Smaller tribes will, of course, have fewer people, and that means you'll have to divvy up your time helping your tribemates more often, however, a larger tribe might demand more resources from each player, as the large size means a lot of resources will be needed for any group-based events, be it bosses, end-game caves and holiday bosses/events. Now, either you've joined a tribe or have, assuming you haven't quit, managed to set up a good place to settle down. Next thing we oughta cover is...*cues the Jurassic Park theme*...Duh-duh, Duduh, Dududu-Di-Dinosauuurs...*clears throat*. Throughout the ARK, you'll find a plethora of dinos, prehistoric beasts, and even a few things that don't really exist. When it comes to these creatures, it's, again, vital to your survival that you study them beforehand, as each varies on aggro/aggro range (AKA what it takes to get them to attack you, if they do attack players, and how far away do you need to be to get them to attack you) as well as overall habits. As well, as I'm sure you are aware, if you've a heard anything about ARK, you can also tame these beasties. There are two types of taming; passive and torpor. Torpor tends to be more common, and it is important to note which you can tame a creature with, as you won't be able to (at least in most cases) be able to tame them through their opposite methods. For example, you can tame a raptor or rex via torpor taming, while if you try to passive tame them, the only good that will come of the attempt is the free food for them. While I won't go into specifics, I will tell that to Torpor tame, you need to knock out a creature, this most often being done with tranq arrows and darts, and feed them while also preventing them from waking up, and Passive taming involve getting close to the creature with the taming food in your last inventory slot, and clicking your use key/button. A smaller, but important thing to note are supply drops. These have random items and blueprints, each of varying qualities if the item/s in it has a quality. To be clear, quality determines how good an item is. If you want to see the items' statistics, hover your cursor over the item and it will show durability and damage, if it has damage. You can also see armor value on the item's picture itself. The color indicates the level needed to open it, white being level 3, green being level 15, blue is level 30, purple is level 45, yellow is 55, and red is 70, the higher levels having more items they could contain as well as a better chance of a higher quality. Finally, for this episode, you have engrams and stat points. Each and every time you gain a level, you get a point which both let you increase a stat of your choice and gain some points towards engrams, AKA things you can build. There are several stats you can increase; Health - Increasing this will allow you to endure more punishment before the grim reaper comes a knockin' Stamina - Increasing this will let you sprint, attack and endure stamina-draining effects more. A small note, once you are out of stamina, you will slow down and won't be able to jump, and when you attack, your torpor will increase Oxygen - Increasing this will increase the time before you start drowning in water. A small note, in water, your stamina will drain as well, though oxygen will only decline underwater Food - Increasing this will allow you to store more food in your belly and let you go longer without starving. Personally, I'd recommend leveling something else Water - Increasing this will allow you store more water and let you go longer without dehydrating Weight - Increasing this lets you carry more. Good for if you need more room for loot and for builders. Melee Damage - Increases the damage of your fists and any melee weapons you wield. For anyone curious, it doesn't affect weapons other than melee. Movement Speed - Increasing this increases how fast you move. Very handy for quick getaways. Remember, "you don't have to run faster than the dinos...just faster than your friends" Fortitude - Increasing this will increase your resistance to torpor and to the weather. Small note regarding insulation, Hyperthermic protection means protection from heat, while Hypothermic protection means protection from the cold. The higher the number, the better you're protected. Crafting Skill - Formerly crafting speed, increasing this makes what you craft faster, and if you craft from a blueprint, which can obtained from a supply crates, will make that item better for each point you have in crafting speed. A small note, whatever you craft in any inventory other than your own will not have the speed increase. This is good for arrows, bolas, and other basic items you intend to make en masse. That'll do it for this episode. Get out there, start taming some creatures, conquer your enemies and rule the ark! Hopefully this helped with some of the more basic mechanics and cleared a lot of the confusion you may have had prior. Keep all this in mind and keep researching and, most importantly, keep practicing, and it won't be long before you're sitting on the back of a mighty steed with a gun in your hand and an army of beasts following your every command!
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    Forum Game: Bad Advice

    Collect your poop and let it spoil Best way to tame a Mosasaur?
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    Wrong Version

    Finally got it updated...and, now, I officially hate Wildcard 20% less...now they've gone from stab in the eye with scissors upon first sight level hate to simply wanting to punch certain dinos' designers in the face 100 times. P.S. Thank you, no sarcasm intended, for at least giving me suggestions.
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    So what did you do in ARK today?

    The usual...finding just as many reasons to love Ark as reasons to hate Wildcard
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    Wrong Version

    Ok, so, I have the disc version of Ark (got it the day it fully launched), I'm on PS4, (I don't have internet I can use to update it) and I was pretty sure that the version of it at the time of launch was 510.0...for some reason, my game is only 501.0. Is there something I missed, is this some kinda bug or...? And to be clear, it doesn't just say version 501.0, it is version 501.0, I don't even have Tek content. The reason I refrained for so long from saying something was because I had missed a lot of info and I thought maybe you had to progress far enough to unlock creatures and stuff, but I just did my first boss thing after some suspicion and after that, I got all the dossiers in this version, and the latest one I have of a creature not in the game yet is the Megalosaurus (or if I got the name wrong, the big red allosaurus/trex looking thing that sleeps at daytime)
  9. This is the kind of thing that when it looks at a pic of Cthulhu, it thinks "....daddy?"
  10. Dununununununun- oh wait, other people beat me to it....well, one more can't hurt, -nununu NA NAAA
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    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Shouted at the sky, waving my axe to get a cool screenshot....right before a carno knocked me off the waterfall I was standing on top off and landed in the river below, after which I got eaten alive by a school of pirahnas....so that was fun.