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  1. miyihaiyi1

    Just to be clear about the rules

  2. So i have a big problem , when i try to connect to my server i take timeout connection every time i cant resolve this problem alone plz help me i tryed to reinstal the game ,reset my modem (internet connection ) and nothing I have no more ideeas,what can i do ?
  3. miyihaiyi1

    Something happened

    i play on the Eu pvp orp crossark5 ,every fcking time when i try to log in ,gives me timeout connection i,m realy angy (WC sucks )
  4. miyihaiyi1

    Connection Timeout

    yeah the problem is on them ,i hate the company but i love the game
  5. miyihaiyi1

    Connection Timeout

    and im not able to connect to any servers some help here
  6. miyihaiyi1

    Connection Timeout

    every monday i try to log in and gives me connection timeout every F..... time someone can help me with some advice
  7. miyihaiyi1

    Can't join any official servers, new or legacy

    same problem here ,is almos a week now and nothing happen yet