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  1. New "fog"?

    "will be fixing over the next few days" an its been like, two weeks later an no word on a fix? an its not just low settings that get this, I play on high an my mate plays on epic an we still see it. With this Halloween event going on (if you could even call it that) its making it almost unplayable because of the extended nights...this fog is around constantly! thankfully the event only lasts a couple days...
  2. cannot see server?

    Anyone else having trouble seeing their dedicated servers? Tried validating, said 2 files were missing, did its thing, but still not seeing the server. Showing me on 272.0 an my server on 272.11 I did another validate, its still showing 2 files missing...I constantly get this no matter how many times I validate (iv gotten this a lot in the past, same as my husband) iv tried clearing cache an tried again, not sure if this is the problem or not but DILO ._. how do I get the game to patch properly. p.s: still cannot see server iv also tried our other map an still not able to see it. Was playing perfectly fine last night an havnt done anything since I logged off an closed the server for the night. Booted up today to find neither me or my husband can see it (both our ragnarok an the island servers)
  3. So last night I was playing with my husband just fine (on our own private dedicated server) closed out for the night, an booted up the server today an greated with this. I have no idea why my game suddenly looks like this, usually I run on medium settings a get 30-40fps, but today....omg. The world is just gone! Only way I can get it to come back is to switch it to low, an even then, I get blocky looking dinos an textures an like 1-10fps, making the game completely unplayable. Iv tried verifying files. It did say missing 2 files, which It attempted to require, but everytime I still do the validate it still either says 2 mission, or gets stuck at 100%. I havnt done anything since playing last night, an as far as I know no update was released since then either..? Has anyone else has this issue?
  4. Ragnarok: SW Desert Update 10/11 Patch Notes (Aware of Collision Issues)

    So happy to see a update on the desert! I cannot wait to see the whole thing finished, keep up the amazing work :D! With ragnarok nearly finished, are there any plans to add in explorers notes? When I played on the island I absolutely loved finding these on the dinos an lore objects, it made the game more immersive. Ragnarok is by far my favorite map, an I would love to see these in, espessuaily with the amount of ruins an hidden caves this one has! edit: also my mate is also having the light flickering issue the poster above me mentioned ^ I myself havnt seen it yet though, but me an my mate sit right next to each other an I can see his screen constantly flickering (wasn't doing it till the update)
  5. Crashing in game and when loading in to servers

    I'm having the same issue! literailly crashing within a few seconds to minutes after launching the game! Any help would be greatly appreciated. (It only just started today, I was playing last night with no issues)
  6. Lowering Dino ammout?

    Me an my mate recently started playing ark, on our own non dedicated server (ragnarok) an one problem we have ran into is a large number of dragons, elementals, an brontosaurs. Iv tried looking up how to change these but I'm a noob when it comes to editing game files an not sure what to look for on editing SPEICIFIC dinos.. For example, we went otter hunting the other day, to a place otters are supposed to be more abundant, an instantly ran into 5-6 dragons where these otters are supposed to be, its so dangerous there, we havnt gone back lol. We also just discovered rock elementals. One was near our main base, we took care of it, but now there are four! imo, elementals and dragons should be MUCH rarer then what we have seen. I would like to lower the amount of dragons an elementals in our game, as well as a few less brontosaurs (they are big, very buggy, and annoying!) What code would I have to enter in for each of these 3? Please be specific >.< I'm not sure where it is in the game file I'm looking for, I tried finding something called "DinoCountMultiplier" but it wasn't in the "GameUserSettings.ini" Is it possible to lower/adjust a specific dino for a non dedicated server?