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  1. Mauri95

    2 or 3x this weekend?

    Only the first evo weekend they announced it prior to it going live, and last week it started around this time I think
  2. Mauri95

    Can't transfer kibble?

    It happened to me, I went to a Ragnarok server that seemed empty and carried mats for a base and kibble for taming, the server was being ddosed according to the people playing there, and there was 255ping all the time, literally unplayable, I tried to transfer back all my stuff to choose there server, but kibble was a no. The timer reset all the time, before even reaching 0, it would usually reset back to 35-40 when it was around 15-20mins left I think it has something to do with lagged servers. I ended up having to trade them for mats with people there. So not worth it, over 500 kibble of different dinos basically lost
  3. Mauri95

    Need more servers?

    We need some SA server, they opened literally 0 SA servers in the new clusters, we are forced to play legacy, NA with lag or unofficial
  4. Mauri95

    pve Boss Fights/Requirements

    Great, mine are not too far off, but just to be safe I will wait until we amass around 20 or so rexes
  5. They can be raised in around 2 days during the 2x weekends already, I really don't see the point in reducing it further. Every weekend we always raise 3-5 of them, and we only need to feed them 3 times. We hatch the eggs around 2pm on friday, feed them once around 6-8pm Feed them once again saturday morning (8-11am), and one last time saturday night before going to bed. They are a reaaally easy dino to raise in comparison to like 90% of the current breedable dinos.
  6. Mauri95

    pve Boss Fights/Requirements

    How high were your rexes? I mean at birth That sounds really cool, we were waiting for our 10k HP, 360% Damage to have waay more babies before even trying Gamma broodmother.
  7. Mauri95

    Taming boss rexes

    We are gonna be trying broodmother with 10k HP and 360% Damage with 60 armor saddle (hatch stats, not actual stats for obvious reasons) i hope we make it
  8. Mauri95

    New server Rex stats

    That's awesome, I'm making my rexes everyday and I will pop them all during the x2 weekend if we have another one, I hope to get a mutation
  9. Mauri95

    New server Rex stats

    38 points in damage and 38 points in health so far, it's not amazing, but I think it's a good start
  10. Mauri95

    How long is the transfer timer

    As people already said, it's the timer until next server save, as for dinos it works the same way except for recently transferred dinos which have a 12 hours cooldown Posted from my SM-G935F using ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  11. Mauri95

    Whats the point?

    The game is playable, the game has a singleplayer mode and thousands of dedicated servers, with the option to make your own dedicated or non dedicated server aswell as their official Network. Duping on official sucks, the fact that there is almost no response to that issue sucks as well, but it's not like "the game is not playable" It's actually pretty fun, and even on official PvP if you are just a small group there are always says to stay alive, just don't try to progress too much or care a lot because the game is not balanced around small groups of people, and it has never been Posted from my SM-G935F using ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  12. Mauri95

    Is Aberration worth it or should I get season pass?

    I would wait until closer to release if I were you, they said that there would be a discount on the season pass for Scorched Earth owners on consoles it I recall correctly Posted from my SM-G935F using ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  13. Mauri95

    Egg lay rate.

    As people said, getting an Oviraptor is crucial, I have 4 female and 1 male scorpions and before my Oviraptor we collected like 5 eggs total, and after one we got like 40 eggs in roughly the same time Posted from my [device_name] using http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  14. I'm on Scorched Earth 85 and it's a great community so far. I have a small house on your server (island 48) to get pteras and Island dinos in general, but its so laggy already over there that i hate having to go farm there lol Posted from my [device_name] using http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  15. Mauri95

    pve Public taming pen on new scorched earth

    Just so you know, on Scorched Earth85 there are already a bunch of traps open to the public in case you want to use them Posted from my [device_name] using http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App