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  1. I've never heard of a "scheduled appointment" before for this kind of thing. Sounds like someone used to getting their own way, make sure you keep screenshots and emails if you have them. might be worth having something like nvidia shadowplay, if he/she's back on the server to pick stuff up and kicks off or says you never gave them their stuff back when you did then you can save the last few minutes of gameplay. might be overkill but covers your hide if they continue to throw their toys out the pram.
  2. Likewise, waiting for an update to do it's thing just now and it's taking ages. Changing regions sounds interesting, will have to try it...
  3. Trick to smooth heavily modded game? So I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place but here goes. I'm looking to make a heavily modded game, probably on single player and I might introduce it to my cluster if it's a fun way to play. I know when I mod minecraft or skyrim there are "tricks" and a certain way to do things to make the game run smoother. But all I know about ark modding is that the bigger the file size of the mod the more it hurts performance. I've done alot of googling and browsing forums but I can't really find anything with a guide to how mods work or effect the game. Like do the file sizes just effect load times or the running of the server overall? And then will it take longer to load into a server or to start up and play single player? Can anyone point me in the direction of some articles or info so I can do my homework on it all a bit? Or is there really not much more to learn? I've seen some people playing seriously heavily modded games but I'm not sure how they achieve this other than having a beefy rig. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. There is a way around updating the game, I can't quite rememeber how to do it though. You basically setup a shortcut on your desktop, stop the update when you start steam (or turn off auto updates or something like that) and run the game from the shortcut and you can play without updating. Used to do it all the time when I played on someone elses server in a different timezone so I wouldn't have to wait for him to get up/get home from work for the server to update. It'll be out there on google somewhere. And this is Wildcard, it was always gonna be a buggy trainwreck for afew weeks till they patch all the bad stuff. I backed up my whole cluster before the release, with a warning to other players that we might have to rollback, incase we lost stuff but other than our ini's reseting (which was a royal pain) we've had no issues. Personally I'm happy they're knuckling down and fixing the bugs so quickly, means the trainwreck won't last as long. If your that unhappy Vas, in the nicest possible way, go play something else for afew weeks. It'll be back to normal soon enough.
  5. Episode 4 is here after a very long break! I'm bogged down with work and uni but I still enjoy keeping up with all things ark and wanted to start making some content over the valentines event and release of Genesis! Today we're looking at the new valentines content, meshing updates and talking about the delay in Genesis. Have a nice day folks!
  6. What's your favourite server host for PC? At the moment I'm using Gportal, one of the cheapest hosts I could find and we've had zero issues with it. But I'm looking to start a very small cluster and I'm exploring my options. It's actaully kinda hard to find opinions from other players on what hosts they like to use (though I'm probably looking in the wrong places) so where do you guys like to buy your servers?
  7. Raptor buff bugged? Heya I might be missing something but does anyone else find that the raptor buff isn't working? Been googling it and can't find anything other than something in the wiki that says " It seems like the boost/vocalization buffs don't work with bred raptors on the latest updates." Is this an intended feature or an actual bug and if so is there any word that wildcard is aware of it? I can't imagine it's intened cause it would defeat the purpose really. thanks
  8. Here we go again! Episode 3 is fashionably late (my bad) but still has some interesting mods to look at from 4:10 if your interested Have a great day folks!
  9. Likewise! I watch alot of syntacs stuff and I would say he's as genuine as they come. I often prop a tablet up on the windowsill while I'm doing the dishes, it's a good way to catch up on episodes lol Back on topic I'm really fed up of clickbaity titles like "you won't belive this thing that happened!" or " best thing ever!" and don't actually tell you what the videos about. I don't have much time in my day to scroll through youtube looking for good content to watch so I'd rather a title told me in black and white what I'm about to watch go I can get on with my dishes haha!
  10. Episode 2 is out! This week we take a look at bunch of cool mods along with the latest news! I'm still looking for feedback and topics to cover that you'd like to know more about so feel free to start throwing suggestions at me!
  11. I've added a follow up to that first episode covering the refereum partnership! Again I would love to know what other people are looking for in a news channel so please let me know!!
  12. This might be a silly question but have you updated your game to the latest version? Not your server but your actual game through steam? I used to get this issue all the time and it was either the server had updated and my game hadn't or my game had updated and the server hadn't. Hopefully you've already managed to fix this and you can just ignore me
  13. ARK News Channel I'm having a go at making a no nonsense look at ARK related news. I know what I want out of a news channel, straight to the point information in less than 10 minutes... but what would you guys like to see? I've uploaded my first attempt and would love a bit of creative feed back. Meaning tips for improving not downright slating my rubbish youtube skills! XD Thanks folks!
  14. The shipping cost for the special edition is still crazy expensive, to ship here in the uk the CHEAPEST shipping option is $52.74! That's almost £40! Will it ever become available in the uk so we don't have to pay shipping costs that are so high or once you've sold out of what you have now is that it all finished with? I'd much rather support the devs and buy from their site but at the moment I'm cheaper buying from people on ebay who are reselling for more than what they bought it for.
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