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  1. Is there a strategy against nameless??

    I got some nameless spawn in my base yesterday after update and now every time i connect must kill like 20 nameless and i got 7 bulldog light in my base no way to play i cant craft a thing they spawn again and again [emoji19]
  2. Hi on scorch eu offi 25 there is a red supply in destroyer cave with a dead barrier (think the supply spawn in wrong place), i try to get it but lost my thyla, jerboa and myself. Please make something for others players
  3. Search tool in inventory, when other language than english, only show item in language (in my case french) but dont work. Exemple in search inventory when i type "hide" nothing appears (french word is "peau") but u can all transfer and if you type "peau" u cant but item appear. The worse if u type "p" show me oil (petrole in french) and transfer pelt that not appears (fourrure in french)