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  1. PSYKOo33

    Is there a strategy against nameless??

    I got some nameless spawn in my base yesterday after update and now every time i connect must kill like 20 nameless and i got 7 bulldog light in my base no way to play i cant craft a thing they spawn again and again [emoji19]
  2. Hi on scorch eu offi 25 there is a red supply in destroyer cave with a dead barrier (think the supply spawn in wrong place), i try to get it but lost my thyla, jerboa and myself. Please make something for others players https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2017314885206596&id=100007843127262&__tn__=%2As%2As-R
  3. Search tool in inventory, when other language than english, only show item in language (in my case french) but dont work. Exemple in search inventory when i type "hide" nothing appears (french word is "peau") but u can all transfer and if you type "peau" u cant but item appear. The worse if u type "p" show me oil (petrole in french) and transfer pelt that not appears (fourrure in french)