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  1. Bug after latest update

    It actually sounds like some of your files have gotten corrupted, I know it's not fun, but I would highly recommend a full reinstall of ARK and Scorched Earth content.
  2. It seems like you might have somehow switched over to the Primitive+ total conversion. From there, you will on see Primitive+ servers. If you choose the "none" option in the bottom right of your screen at the main menu, it should get you back to regular ARK, and you will be able to see the Scorched Earth servers again.
  3. Server admins do not post in any changed color. We will always have a card icon next to our names in chat when we are doing something official, and that is not something someone else can using rich text.
  4. Hmmm, that is definitely concerning. Did any one of your admins use a command like: destroywilddinos or anything like that? Also, do any of the players on your server have an extensive base?
  5. Mining Head Wobble

    We'll do our best (the Wildcard Admins and our beloved Community Officers) to keep you guys updated
  6. Mining Head Wobble

    @itdocmani can assure you that bringing a bug/undesired game mechanic into the spotlight will not get you banned from the steam forums, or this forum. We do in fact appreciate your feedback and input. Obviously the issue is known, but we were not aware of the level of dislike for it. I will make sure that I pass your concerns up my chain of influence
  7. If Jen's steps do not work for you, then you can also try clearing your system cache. Please let us know if that works for you.
  8. ShooterGame Has Stopped Working

    Dr. Trevors, that is not a windows crash stack, but your dxdiag states you are on windows 7 SP1, are you running ARK in a different OS? I would also recommend you follow the steps listed under "general troubleshooting".
  9. We are working to deploy a fix for the bookmark options, as soon as it is ready we will pass on the information.
  10. Was this on an official server that you were experiencing this problem?