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  1. TheGamerRat

    ark Ark is garbage and needs to he fixed

    Learn how to play the game and learn how to spell kid. And if you wish to have a better time then play the game on PC and do a PvE session.
  2. PlayARKServers Discord - Advertise Your Server! (ALL PLATFORMS) Wrong discord link bro.
  3. Steam Profile Discord Info Hello everyone. I have hosted numerous servers in the past. While I used to have quite the compliment of players the new DLC wait seems to have dwindles that count. Either people are just bored of ARK in general or Seem to like things super easy. Well whatever the case I am looking to revamp my PvE Server for Either The Island or Ragnarok. To better assist this and help rebirth its population I am seeking people with experience who are willing to join my team as admins. People familiar with how the server works, Are capable of having an open mind, Work together in a friendly and fun environment as well as help others join and enjoy our servers. IF anyone is interested in joining, helping out, Or even joining the administration team please contact me VIA steam or the provided discord link. Thank you in advance.
  4. __**ARK:FE - Ragnarok PvPvE**__ http://furriesevolved.arkers.io/ (this will also display a link to all our mods allowing you to install them prior to launching your game) Welcome to ARK: Furries Evolved! We are a friendly PvPvE server that welcomes anyone who wishes to have both fun and a challenge! Please be sure to abide by our rules however as they are designed toward a carefully constructed balance for everyone's enjoyment! __**Events**__ We host regular events on our ARK servers. __**Our Server Rates**__ - 10 x Taming - 20 x Gathering - 7 x XP - 10 x All Breeding Numbers - Longer Days & Nights - Level 300 Max Wild Dino __**Additional information**__ Our Discord Supplies our players with all information and support needed for our servers. We have a few friendly Admins on hand and even holding auditions to increase that count to better serve future and current players. Our Rules are also listed on our Discord Server. __**Connection Info**__ Ragnarok steam://connect/ __**Discord**__ https://discord.gg/e2uc6rW __**Steam group**__ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ARK_Furries_Evolved (NOTICE) I am currently opening the doors to allow both Server and Discord Administration & moderator applications. If you think you have what it takes or wish to learn how to operate in these fields contact me on Discord. __**Server Rules**__ 1. Respect admins decisions as they are final 2. Do not spread hate, make rude, sexist or racist remarks 3. This is a PvPvE server, please respect those who do not wish to pvp (they will have a “p” in their tribe name and/or a white flag in their base) 4. Do not block off caves, exp boosts, and artifact locations (if they do build in caves an/or on artifacts since it’s part pvp these people are fair game.) 5. DO NOT harass other players, and if they tell you to stop bothering them, stop bothering them. If a player is harassing you, report it to an admin ASAP, and let them deal with the troublemakers 6. Don't impersonate staff, it confuses players and makes them turn to you for help instead of the actual staff. 7. Do not beg for free stuff and/or staff ranks! 8. Do not kill tames in progress by others nor the people doing said tame. They are to be given a grace period of 30 minutes AFTER there tame is done so they have a chance to return home with there hard earned tame! That means No Stalking!
  5. people cant join an expired discord link.