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  1. Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    The version was visible and available for download, but was pulled last night. (This is why some users were able to download it, even though it isn't the right/fixed version.)
  2. -This ^ This bug was on/off since the September update, but with the last update is now almost 'every time' you try to join a server - especially if coming from your Favorites list. I know of a lot of players that talk about this and just assumed it would get fixed, as this was a well-known bug for a long time that disappeared around July but returned with a vengeance in the late September update. (Since was something that existed for a long time, most players just know the workaround and haven't been complaining.)
  3. Official SurviveTheArk Community App

    I hope you have a Windows 10 App coming as well, or will at least port the iOS or Android version over using the automated conversion tools provided by Microsoft. It seems crazy that we even have to ask for a Windows 10/XBox App with notifications... 500 Million Windows 10 Users. 30+ Million XBox One Users. ...considering most of your player base in on Win10Steam/Win10Store/XBox? I would bet even PS4 users have Windows PCs and Windows Tablets too. You could even offer notifications from your Web Site, and not need a dedicated App at all, which would work with all mobile and desktop platforms, as Web notifications are now a thing. Instead, we get an Android and iOS App... So the Windows 10 tablet that sits next to my XBox and my PC that I use for looking up Ark information isn't enough, I now have to have a phone next to me to get notifications and in-game information? It amazes me that Microsoft works with companies that are this unfriendly to their consumer base, and doesn't even consider Windows 10 Apps to be 'necessary' for people using their product on Windows 10. Microsoft is simply nicer than I would be, as I would yank your Win10/XBox versions until you also provided Apps for Windows. The irony is that your company literally NEEDS Windows to offer the performance necessary to run your game at its highest settings due to the WDDM's GPU scheduling and threading technologies that only exist in Windows.