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  1. The feature of notification whenever an egg hatches or a tripwire is triggered is amazing. But for a few days im not getting any notifications anymore. Anyone knows why?
  2. Soupank

    What kind of dinos are used in a war

    Can this forum be updated? It can be really useful for tribes that are building up
  3. Soupank

    Blueprint creation

    So you opened this red drop and found a mastercraft longneck with 204% damage and 400 durability and start shouting of excitement. Before you know it, all your tribemates are dying to play with this new toy but not everyone can do at the same time. So what about having a structure that can deconstruct any given item into a blueprint of it? Sounds op right? Well wait for it: this blueprint would be excessively expensive at first,then craft after craft, it will get less and less expensive and eventually stabalises at reasonable cost for any blueprint of the item found in a drop. As for the structure that can decompose the item, it would be also unlockable at high level and would be expensive for balancing reasons. Any thoughts about that idea?
  4. Soupank

    Server Observer

    But those moderators should be chosen really carefully as they could give out some crucial infos for players *Breeding more kentros*
  5. Yh i've had the snapshot disconnection especially when i am joining a server with 1 spot available. I guess the stability of the servers has progressed a lot from 6 months till now so this little problem isnt that big *Breeding more kentros*
  6. My friend cannot join any server because he has the vesion v268.259 instead of v268.255. Any solution for this? He already checked files integrity and it did some fixes but the version is still the same. Is there a way he has to do the file verification? *Breeding more kentros*
  7. Soupank


    Why not give the oviraptor an ability to collect the eggs of your tamed dinos as well as keeping it's current ability. *Breeding more kentros*
  8. Soupank

    Notifications trap wire and baby

    I suppose you'll have to be a member on the forum and to br a member i think you should have posted on 11 threats or something like that. I hope someone would be able to clarify *Breeding more kentros*
  9. Soupank

    Hurricane about to hit.

    Stay safe! *Breeding more kentros*
  10. Can someone explain to me how does this push notification work? Is it just if you have tripwires and eggs or also when you get attacked? Plus how much does it take to become a member? *Breeding more kentros*
  11. Soupank

    New PC, PS4, & Xbox Servers Released

    Thank you for the new servers! Hopefully more will launched in the coming weeks *Breeding more kentros*
  12. Soupank

    Your ARK Stories!

    Bought the game christmas 2015 with a large group of friends. Played the first 500 hours without having a clue what to do to be effective. Now i have 997 hours and really excited with the new servers. Almost all my friends stopped playing out of frustration but i still think this game is the best out there for some chilling and mildly low toxicity *Breeding more kentros*
  13. Soupank

    Defensive Stance

    The idea isnt bad but it might have some flaws: if something is attacking one of your dinos and they have the upper hand your dino will die although it could have been saved if multiple dinos ganged up on the attacker. Plus any human can kite you defending dino one at a time with no problem or just destroy your whole base while ur offline while your dinos are sitting there watching and they are not even on passive just because you dont want them all to get disorganised. A solution and alternative for your suggestion can be mixing between passives and neutrals. Posted from my [device_name] using http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App