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  1. darcek

    PVE Servers Crashing

    And to add on that im playing on Maelstrom Unofficial servers(Thought Unofficial didn't suffer this BS,but same as Officials crush like every 10 min,rollbacks etc etc.. ?
  2. Yes,the trees are there but you cant use them.The Sap tap dont work on those.
  3. Where to get that? Only place was Joshua trees in the desert..but to feed snails youll need constant amount of cakes..which requires like 100 sap each round..where to get such amount as the tree sap tubes were nerfed for some reason(gg wc ... ?) Is there something,some item,like noodles are to Polymer? that can replace sap? Also haven't seen Bio Toxin anywhere... any idea where to fin d that?
  4. Not sure what are these but ill try searching the park.
  5. Where can I get those? Only place I was able were beavers dams. Are there any places to go you can harvest them? (Like swamp in The Island)
  6. Thats how I did it and not with a single Pego but had an egg farm (1 male and around 6 females) Im sorry if it dosent work for you.Like I said which you didnt quote ? :"The way I did it is by no means the only way to do it.(again goes to beauty of ARK with diversity and can come up with thousand ideas to make one thing)" I never had that. As you play online the machine your playing on and the connection type and the servers current condition(ARK servers have various problems like Lag,crushes etc) can effect results you get. For example some time I would build walls and nothing happened then i could build on this "Ghost" wall,later on it was apparent because of Servers Lag the wall was build but didnt show up. Thats sound like your weird torpidity bug. Anyways again theres alot of ways to reach the goal,you just have to find the right one for you.maybe take from my experience what you can and make a new taming method that will suit you. good luck
  7. You’re missing something. Pegos aren’t bugged just need to know how to. I apologize in advance for my dribble and lecturing mode, but that’s how I serve my info, you asked for it and that’s how I supply it(Also sorry for English mistakes it’s not my native tongue) Yes some dinos are dumb mode where you only need to knockout the dino, feed and tranq and voila, tamed.. The beauty of ARK is that not only it’s got diversity of dinos , but also diversity of taming methods. Finding how to achieve some is a challenge, not everyone can muster.(Can’t find everything on YouTube or ask people, Some you’ll just need to try on your own, like the great ARK pioneers did).i.e. bee queen taming. As pegos were one of my last tames before I left official servers I remember the frustration and the process needed to tame them. Play on PC doesn’t mean anything except I personally value you more (console peasants). When Posting on the forum for help please include if you’re on Official or unofficial server, or Single Player mode. Also taming methods are different between PvP and PvE servers, which adds to confusion of young padwans, but its needed to understand which taming mode you’re asking for. For example: This for example is the way to tame a pego if you’re on PvP and SP modes. Easy mode indeed as playing both those modes is the easier way.(Console peasants come to mind again..: "let’s use god mode! puff pego is tamed! wowo so easy! I’m god! Bend a knee!" (Or better said: no brain no pain!) And in PvP they have carry dinos enabled as well so they don’t need even to cheat its just regular over there. Since you haven’t specified if you’re playing on Pvp,PvE or SP ,my method might be not suited for you but I’m just sharing as was asked. The way I did it is by no means the only way to do it.(again goes to beauty of ARK with diversity and can come up with thousand ideas to make one thing) Since no one here yet offered a viable solution for Official PvE(Where you can’t easy peasy drop dinos or use cheat commands) I shell offer mine. Before starting you need to grab a few things: A flying dino is very helpful .I used a Wyvern as it’s mostly un agroed and can carry weight. Since Pegos are usually found near dangerous dinos having other flyers will work but is risky you’ll lose them while doing the tame.(Rock drakes will work fine as well i guess) Then you’ll need some foundations (don’t matter which, but in PvE we value our resources so wooden ones will do quite perfectly) and some wooden walls to drop on them. I took on me like 20 foundations and 20 walls was enough for multipego tame. Next you’ll need Mejoberries ..a lot of them.(Having a bronto is helpful in that)basically you need stacks of 100 which you’ll constantly replace on your last slot in the action bar. Have at least 10-30 stacks dependent on the level of the pego you find. (I stuffed my Wyvern with the berries and took out according to the level I got to manage the weight issue) Next you’ll need to watch out for any valuables you have on your hot bar. The pego can steal any of them and most probably you won’t get them back.(So I only used a rifle and berries in there for the taming process and a spy glass to evaluate the Pego`s level.) Finally we get to the fun process: With all of that fly to a Pego location to locate one or more. (I used a spot between redwoods and the volcano, on the shore on the redwoods side, which was fairly clear of danger and used my Wyvern to clear the area) Next you need to tranq the pego. use minimal tranq method as more tranquilized it will be the longer you’ll need to wait for it to get back up or use stim berries)I just one shot them with shocking dart usually wasn’t that bad. Then when it’s down you need to place foundations around it to create an enclosure,while it naps. I bring the Wyvern close so I can hop on it when im done as we are literally going to close ourselfs with the pego in there. (Before closing off I put my Spy glass,tranq weapon and ammo on the Wyvern so I wouldn’t lose them in the process) Wait for the pego to wake up and equip a 100 Mejo stack on last spot. When it wakes it should start stealing those stacks and tame begins. One of the mechanics of pego taming is that they lose taming percent quickly when you start taming them. Then at some progression part it stops losing tame percent, I have no idea how much I think it’s when you’re at 30% and above maybe) Keep replacing those 100 stacks on your last hotkey slot. Also keep the closure you built a bit spacey so you can let the pego take a breather, after each stealing, just keeping close to them all the time bugs them out. That’s the "easy peasy" way in PVE I found. One last tip is if the pego buggs out sometime, and wont steal from you feel free to punch it. Unlike other dinos hitting it while taming doesn’t take the taming percent down and re agro it to steal from you. Good luck! p.s. if your playing on Officials please keep your server clean and remove the trap when your done.Thanks!
  8. So on one hand you're encouraging people to go tame new dinos just for cosmetic purposes on the other you don't resolve Server Cap limit issue. Lame. sooo lame. I play on SP so don't have again that hassle, but it's no rose garden much more fun playing with others on officials, but broken game and no help in sight. So staying on my SP Island all by my lonesome...
  9. So many posts in this thread,none helpfull lol.. ? So heres my cup of tea: I run to the same problem as you.I wanted to get the artifact but this cave is just too hard to solo..defently group only area. The solution which wasnt thought of by me was of my friend: Simply gather this artifact in other maps,then transfer back to your server. On Ragnarok this artifact is crazy easy to get. I got mine on the Center which wasnt bad either.
  10. Thanks for finally doing a breeding event,thou are server is constently caped so it dosent help us at all,we will just be caped the whole weekend without been provided any solution to your servers CAP issue. Also not cool posting a spoiler picture,right smack at the begining of the thread. Some new players might still be unaware of this.thanks for ruining that for them... ?
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