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  1. Cap Level On the toon im playing at the moment, I have 106. The XP arrow is full plus it shows in Inventory window the total amount XP and nothing missing. I was told I need to kill more Alphas with chibi equipped which I did. Still nothing happens. Is 106 Cap level without ascending or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Feeding trough I started using a tek feeding trough. I read on the wiki dont know if its true,that when the trough is not powered,it spoils food in it like in a player inventory. My question is should I build a normal trough next to the tek for times I dont power the tek one?
  3. It occurred to me that this might be an actual game mechanic. Anyone knows if theres a time limit,of traveling between server? Seem like protection system or something.I sometimes just transfer some resources or items are missing then want to head back to my main server,didnt occur to me that might be a limit time on that.
  4. The bug happened again. Cant transfer out from AB but I can from The island or genesis.. ARK.. the gift that just give on giving..
  5. I finally managed to fix it,it seems. Was complicated. I needed to clear out characters transferred to servers I wont be using. Then I logged manually from the island server onto AB from there to Genesis. Its working again. Im kinda certain this bug will reoccur,at least I know the solution now.thou it does takes long time to figure out like a Hungarian cube.
  6. Transfer problem I post this if anyone got any idea would appreciate the help. I have played recently on 3 different Servers. All PVE officials. PC is my device. The Island. Ab and Genesis. My main base is in Genesis. I would transfer from server to server fill my time with different objectives.. One day.. I stumble on what looks like a bug.. While trying to transfer to my sub server from Genesis to The island,I opened the Tek transmitter,went into server selection,chose my server and press join.. Nothing happen. I thought at first it was the usual lag,but no it wasn't .there was just no reaction.i ALSO COULDN'T USE esc TO GET OUT OF THAT SCREEN. so I did an alt+F4 ,went back to the game tried again. Same thing... I started reading forum posts etc.one guy suggested that you manually join the server you were planning to join. I did that,and it worked.I got a message upon entering the server that I already have a character on the server,Do I want to overwrite it.I pressed Yes. What that did it allowed me in the server,but it kicked me out of my tribe. Thankfully on that server I had another guy im playing with.he re-invited me to the tribe. That was ok,transfer worked well from then on,I could again freely transfer between the servers. Today it happened again. Only this time on my main base server where I play solo. Now I could overwrite my character. That means all my work will be lost... my base lost my dinos lost. I have tried various manual fixes: I tried login on manually to each the servers. I tried to move my character from the main server to another unused server and then transfer with a character from my other servers. Nothing worked. Whenever I try to transfer to my main base it dosent activate the transmit or. I also had sometimes items not in the counter of the server,I just went and press anyway join. That drooped the items from my inventory to the ground,and nothing else happen. I also tried since tek transmitter didnt work,the mission terminals in Genesis to try transfer from there.It gave same result as with the transmitter. Did anyone encounter this transfer bug before? Does anyone have an idea or solution to this except erasing my main? I can keep playing on my main but without been able to join my friends on other servers and that will be deal breaker for me.
  7. darcek

    Mammoth saddle

    Mammoth saddle Is there a Mission on Genesis that gives Mammoth saddles?
  8. Fishing,Nerfed? Did fishing get nerfed? I remember getting tons of bps,from all kinds of fishing rods. I used a purple one,yellow and pale blue and all I get are just mats. I also tried honey and leech blood as baits. So fishing no longer viable for bps?
  9. Looking for ticket to Alpha or Beta Dragon please

  10. Thanks for the birthday gift ARK! Was waiting next to a mission booth,on Ocean biom E,to transfer to other server.On me I had building blocks for a new base,equipment and like 5 tops dinos podded. When I got back from work and loged on I discovered I have been killed. Not only that it was also such death that my body didnt remain or my equipment. Where I stood there is nothing that could have killed me,except screwing with the server timer,making me die from hunger.(result of the event patch I bet) Thatnks for this birthday gift. You suck!
  11. hlna glitch messages bug Playing on Officials PVE . Had this weird bug where each glitch I’ve closed I would get the same message from HLNA over and over.. Now there’s no messages at all. Just receive hexagons.. I’m guessing that’s this is not normal..
  12. Unfortunately people placed pillars all around those caves so cant place any chairs. However you can bring a mount with platform you can place a chair there! like Bronto (less usfull as his size blocks the cave) or better even a parcer.
  13. Dont think you can mount birds on Gensis Official server.
  14. darcek


    TROPHIES I play on Genesis,PVE official In the past when I played on The Island map,we used to collect trophies from various dinos(like bronto,yuti,giga etc) for boss fights. Do Trophies have any use in the new maps or are they only good for the old one?
  15. Whatever folks, First you dont help and patronize, Now your trolling my thread. Im done with this enjoy your poop show,help was offered thats what important thanks again to @OMCWILDCAT
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