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  1. No, the only person stopping me is the person choosing whether or not they want to invite me. If i can mind control them, then it is my choice, but since that technology doesnt' exist yet (as far as i know) it is entirely out of my hands. It wouldn't work to buff two man tribes, but work to debuff a tribe the more members they have. I find it hilarious that you'd accuse me of accepting defeat before trying, someone who has played since the game first appeared on the store. Deception and trickery REQUIRE THEM TO MAKE A MISTAKE. You see, you're not understanding what is in your control, and what is not. In real life, like in ark, you control what YOU personally do. That is it. You can't take choice away from someone, even if you make an offer they can't refuse, they could still choose to refuse it. Okay, so survival is entirely in my control? Okay, so when another player runs up and decides to stab me with a spear, i can just decide to survive that encounter? No. I can choose what i do, that is it. My survival is completely dependant on factors outside of my awareness, all i can do is speculate and make assumptions on the best course of action, just like it real life. In real life, you could make all the decisions that at the time seem like they'll lead to your survival, whether they do or not is out of your control. I could live in a nuclear bunker with a lifetime of supplies, and could still die if i slipped on a banana peel that due to some weird undiscovered science, appeared under my foot as i was taking a step. All a player can do is speculate on the right decision to make, whether it is or not is for the fates to decide, and the fates are not in your control; and nor are the actions of other players that could equally lead to your demise. That is indisputable. Playing on a PVE server would mean i wouldn't be able to raid other people, so i'd be missing a very fun part of the game; and so that isn't a valid solution. Yes players have choices. They have the choice of where they want their next base to be destroyed.
  2. There is nothing stopping me joining a bigger tribe .. Wrong. Whether or not i get in a megatribe is not MY choice. It is their choice, and so whether or not i get in a megatribe is completely out of my hands. It would be balanced is a two man tribe could take a 1000+ tribe. Shall i tell you why? Because it would be balanced tribe vs tribe; NOT numbers vs numbers. They are different types of balance, one just requires skill, the other does not. Look, whether or not you build a trick base, it doesn't matter. You can't rely on their incompetence to win, because they might not make a mistake. Do you not understand? You're saying you can compete if they make a mistake. Elements completely OUTSIDE of your control. That is NOT how you balance a game. There is NO way to hide, my god, will you people stop saying you can hide. You people have never had a 1000+ megatribe on you, because if you had, you'd realize THERE IS NOWHERE TO HIDE. You see, hiding is completely chance based; either they look for you, or they don't. Your defense once again entirely relies on your opponent to simply choose not to look for you. Once again, i'm pointing out that your survival is COMPLETELY Dependant on these megatribes choosing to look for you or not. It is their choice whether you get to play on whatever server or not. If it is outside of your control whether you get to progress or not in Ark, the game is rigged; and thus the game is completely flawed competitively. It is like someone pointing a gun at you, and they have neverending bullets, and you're to fight them while you're tied to a chair, a chair you get to place in a limited area, your only defense is if they miss when they shoot the bullet, or they simply don't turn around and notice that their is someone tied to a chair, or they simply choose not to shoot someone tied to the chair; ALL ELEMENTS COMPLETELY OUTSIDE OF THE CONTROL OF THE PERSON TIED TO THE CHAIR.
  3. Once again. They're across multiple servers. If they're looking for you, with thousands of members, they're going to find you. This is the point you're not getting. You think i'm just talking about individual servers. Listen, if you can be forced off one server, you can be forced off any server, if you can be forced of any server, you can be forced off the game.. That is potentially possible right now with the current design of the game. If enough people band together, they could stop someone playing on official if they wanted to. The potential is there; and it is already starting to happen. You speak like someone who is naive to the fact of how cancerous these megatribes have become. Have you ever been a real enemy to a megatribe? 1000+ members .. How long do you think it takes them to check all the official servers? This may not have happened to you, but the fact is it COULD happen to you. And when/if it does, you'll regret questioning my logic. Just the POTENTIAL of this should be a wake up call to how much of an issue this is. But that the potential is currently being realized... There is NOWHERE to hide. If the developers think that there is, they need to wake up to the reality that this just isn't the case; and they need to wake up fast or they're going to start losing players fast.
  4. No, it isn't flawed. These megatribes span across most servers now.. We're talking thousands of players working together. There is nowhere to hide; anyone who doesn't realize this hasn't had a megatribe actively hunt for them across servers.
  5. We'll just take your word for it...Also, "no tame"? We're talking official servers here.
  6. Right, this, when employed as a tactic, requires them to make a mistake. Once again, an element outside of your control, and thus can't be relied upon, and thus isn't a valid counter. I've tried this deception tactic many times; they're all on discord communicating with eachother. They just need one word to eachother and the attempt at getting them to distrust eachother is shattered. So even ontop of the reasons you've mentioned, which basically leaves everything up to chance, it is still near impossible to use guile to defeat these megatribes. You see, they know this is a tactic people use; and so they take it into consideration. They know there are people trying to leverage them against eachother. If anything this strengthens their bond. You can't expect players to rely on megatribes to war with eachother because of the random chance they fly a bird into a turret; and verbal alliances are as strong as the people making them. Also a factor completely outside of the attacking player's control. it is all speculation as to whether verbal alliances actually ARE weaker than official alliances. Which is why there needs to be an ingame means of allowing people to fight back. None of this stuff that is outside the players direct control. The power to fight back must be in every player's hands, and right now it isn't.
  7. Then it'd be trading one flaw for another. A fairer flaw that will please more people, and stop megatribe exploitation. It must be balanced by team vs team, and not numbers vs numbers. That, or have some real way for solos to hide from megatribes. You can't have a game that you can't play simply because a bunch of, lets face it, cowardly players band together and attack solos repeatedly.
  8. Yes, except to translate this to ark. Imagine football where one team has 11 players, and the other has 1. Imagine boxing with 20 people vs 1.. See the difference? There is balance in the sport, certain rules that keep it competitive. You see, for competition to exist, there has to be a chance for the other side to win; without that? There is no competition.
  9. Well, i really mean megatribes, not the alpha of a server. I probably should have worded that better... I should probably edit it after this post actually.. Right, it is loser talk. So tell me, how do you defend against every inch of the island being covered by someone on a bird, or someone crashing a bronto through every tree on the map? Your fate is entirely in their hands. Either they don't look for you, or they do. If they look for you, they WILL find you. I don't know what alpha tribes you've been fighting, but i'd bet they didn't pillar an entire island so that the trees didn't grow anywhere, or have 100s of fully loaded turrets making the only means of attacking them a titanosaur. Sure, you kill a tame, but guess what? It is no loss because they have so many members. Maybe if you're lucky things will all fall into place. But a tribe of thousands? Lets be serious here. To say as a solo or small tribe you have "nothing to lose" is false. Infact, you have more to lose because you've had to work harder to get what you have. Each individual of a megatribe hardly has to work at all, they only need to put an hour in each and they'll still make massive progress beyond a solo due to sheer numbers. It is more frustrating to lose your stuff as a solo, because it is your responsibility to put it all back; with megatribes the frustration is dissolved among them because the work required to fix whatever was destroyed is shared. You see, you say "blow up their gate" etc.. Turrets. Hundreds of fully loaded turrets. For me to get past that as a solo , i'd need to put in a ridiculous amount of hours. That means i'd have to survive under their watchful eye for a ridiculous amount of hours. With nowhere to hide, that just isn't happening. If you were able to hide long enough to hit a megatribe, they weren't looking for you in the first place. Don't look at it as what they might do, but what they could potentially do with their numbers; and what they can potentially do is make it impossible for you to hide by having someone constantly scout the island. Let me remind you, we're talking about tribes actively looking to hog an entire server to themselves. And using steam as a means to see if any of their own are logged onto the server. They know you're their, and they look for you, and they root you out.
  10. PC. And multi servers are the reason these megatribes are able to exploit such ridiculous numbers in the first place. They have thousands of people working together.. It is just exploitative and clearly not what was intended.
  11. Exactly. There isn't a chance, this is the real issue. In real life you could bring down an army as one man by cutting off it's head. In ark you can't do that, so there really needs to be counter measures in place, or perhaps some means of hiding. Maybe underground bases? Something that lets people hide away properly so they atleast have a fighting chance.
  12. You're not looking at it as team vs team, but you're looking at it as each individual added together versus eachother, numbers vs numbers. Team vs team, the teams should be balanced. This is why I was suggesting in another thread nerfing the rates of gathering the more members you have in your tribe; so to get the bonus of more people it comes at the cost of less resources; and putting a cooldown on leaving a tribe so people can't just hop in and out of their tribe to get the improved rates.. Like a week cooldown or something per tribe switch. Oh, and I understand that you're probably not meant to play solo, but when you have thousands of people working together across servers, it spoils the game for small 5man tribes..The game feels like it was made for 5man tribes, not 100man tribes; it is completely exploitative when people have up to 1000 members; and it is turning PVP servers into PVE servers. Anyone not in the megatribe will leave because they can't PVP, and anyone in a megatribe won't attack another megatribe because they know it isn't in their best interest. What do they have to gain from attacking another megatribe? Nothing, some extra loot they could've gathered easily anyway. They have no incentive, and so they just band together like a bunch of cowards and stomp on thatch huts all day. The game is heading towards one big tribe, and no PVP except against newbies who've just joined the game. They know it is a numbers game, and they're exploiting it to the most extreme degree. t The devs have a choice : let them continue to exploit the numbers game at the cost of losing a lot of players who don't want to be a part of that, or who can't compete; or balance/limit it somehow.
  13. You can't win at Ark unless the mega tribe lets you. Allow me to elaborate: You can't "hide away" and attack a mega tribe as a solo or small tribe, they will ALWAYS find you. ALWAYS. It is very important to stress that there is NOWHERE to hide. You see, this is what the devs think balances the game, they think you can hide away from megatribes until you're leveled enough to fight back. Anyone who has played on a server where the megatribe are trying to claim the entire official server to themselves will know that you simply can't hide. This leaves anyone not in the megatribe at the mercy of the megatribe; you exist by their whims. Competitively the game is completely flawed for this reason. It boils down to the power of persuasion, which just doesn't work because it is still THEIR CHOICE, and they still hold all the cards. This leaves the player three options, leave the server (an option which is diminishing as these tribes are becoming a thousand strong, and spanning all official servers), or persuade them not to destroy you. These are the options anyone not in a megatribe have. In terms of gameplay, you have no form of defense against it; a game you paid for, and you can't fight back because the system is rigged from the start to support those who have the numbers, and those who started first. The third option? Try and join a megatribe. Another element that relies on persuasion, and is completely outside of your direct control. Why can't you hide? Everyone knows all the hiding spots, and the map really isn't that big, all they need is a bronto to stomp through all the trees and it is GG, or just a bird to fly through the forest and over the map. Secondly, the refertilizer DOES NOT WORK. Sometimes it does regrow trees, sometimes it doesn't, the complete mechanic needs an overhaul, or just outright remove it and let trees grow back on their own. This would go a long way in helping smaller tribes hide, yet as is, if a diplo strays through leaving your base in the open, say goodbye to your base, looks like you'll be starting again. How fun. On top of that? Pillars... Pillars everywhere... Really guys? These tribes will pillar the entire map so you can't build anywhere good. It is like you're allowing people to cheat within the rules, where the slimiest lowest players win by being as shameless as possible, exploiting every loophole and flaw in the game. If you can't hide, you can't survive, and right now, you can't hide. The game as is, is flawed. As a simulation of survival ? It fails even in that regard; you see, in real life you only get ONE LIFE, but in ark; you kill them? They come right back, how is survival the main focus when death has no consequence? So unless you're playing hardcore, the megatribe will stay ontop even if you kill them. You can't remove them from their perch without complete annihilation of their bases across all servers.. Now tell me, how is a solo player or small tribe meant to do that? You can't have a game like this where people band together in the thousands without selling short everyone who can't play like that, or doesn't want to play like that.. You're forcing people to play a certain way, a way that is entirely outside of their control and at the whims of the other players; because they don't have the numbers supporting them, or they joined the game later. You've essentially put the success of your game in the hands of the megatribes; right now, they decide who plays the game, and who doesn't; and you're fine with that?.. The saddest part is, those in megatribes are usually the worst type of people, and the worst at the game, the type too afraid to face the challenge of playing solo, or in a small tribe...You'll get lots of people defending megatribes, but these people haven't tried the game from the perspective of someone NOT in a megatribe, because if they had, they would know that in it's current state it is unplayable. And lets be honest, impossible. How can you have a competitive game when your opponent decides the outcome? You can't.
  14. Yes, this is extremely frustrating as it is the only way to really counter them divebombing on your head... Please fix; and hurry! Also.. You may want to have words with whoever is testing the game..This probably shouldn't have made it into launch.
  15. Octia

    tribe size limit

    It really is a shame isn't? It wouldn't actually be a problem if people in general were not inherently weak..I'm not saying everyone is, but these people band together ultimately because they fear loss. Their cowardice has turned into the huge cancer on ark, and it is quickly killing it.