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  1. Enemy structure

    Alright so i put a door at lighthouse tower entrance only to find out that some other guy had put 2 door in front of it, i thought we can not build near another player so how is this possible, im stuck in tower now.
  2. Dinos twitching through the ground

    Welcome to ark, get used to it [emoji5]
  3. I play solo on official pvp, just don't mess with alpha and you will be fine, if you really worried about offline raids, join pvp offline protection server... You can't get same type of excitement or rush in pve or single player
  4. Good luck finding it on foot, if dinos will not kill you, noobs will. Let's say you found one, how you gonna tame it? On 2x weekend a level 20 will take more than 1 hour to tame with 39 raw meat and 35 narcotics and how you gonna knock it down? Punches? You gonna need to shoot 37 narco arrows to bring it down.
  5. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Tamed arge and was half way through with frog but then got wiped by 2 guys on wyvren... Bobs burgers are idiots of 195
  6. Thats what bobs burgers from 195 did today... Wiped out every one because they can't log in
  7. Hyaenodon resource gathering

    How to gather resources using hyaenodon on ps4, its rated number 4 for metal harvesting
  8. Need help with tribe

    I recently joined someone's tribe now i have lost everything I owned, i can't access my own stuff neither do the tribe who invited me... Any help?
  9. I just logged in and i can't find my server, its na pvp official ragnarok 195
  10. Bugs and server

    So whats new since they released this game and made it available for $100...still so many bugs, graphic is still messed up and now servers being down for almost 12 hours... So many years of developing and the core game is same, full of bugs, they just added new maps and creatures Posted from my [device_name] using http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App