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  1. If you wanna unlock Ragnarok just type in the command playeracsend 2 that will unlock it
  2. for the loot, just type summon Charater_SpiderL_BP_C in the Command tab and to open that Just press LB+RB+X+Y in the pause menu. And kill the boss with the kill command
  3. Looking for a legitimate server to join.

    Is an Awesome server and you could even join my tribe! we are a small man tribe with good firepower we are very active and have an Awesome base set up need all the hands we can get!
  4. won't let me reply but what time zone are you in and I like the PVP on the weekends

    1. ArkBoxServer


      I live in the central time zone (WI)

    2. ArkBoxServer


      It's 3:10 PM for me.

  5. Yo can you do something about the wyverns because to many people have them and there is none in the trench!

  6. pvp Any tribes need wiping?

    Yea man I'm in, read my Signature and ill add you after I'm done with school
  7. pvp Needs trolls wiped

    Whats the server and your GT and Ill help
  8. Would there be any interest..

    I will be happy to join sounds like fun!
  9. how did you fix the posting or replying problem it doing it to me too


  10. <<<ISLAND PvE>>>

    Looking for a small group of people to make a badass pve server with just hit up the thread with your GT and we can start tonight! Taming---- x10 Collecting---- x2 EXP----x2 Let us decide on whats next!
  11. Im interested can me and a few pals hop on and make a tribe and go against yours