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  1. 1. Resource Respawn Bug in SP 2. The Center 1000 of bugs https://imgur.com/a/7Cv9x 3. German Language ä, ü, ö , ß are only written small not large like the other words
  2. FraukePetry

    Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Fix your game Performance of Shadows!!!!!!!! Purple texture Center redwood rain Singleplayer no level 150 dino although i clicks Max diff No resorce redrawn if log out before grow
  3. Give me a gui so that i can press button and it Shows me the dino wild with max Level in the world!!!!!!
  4. FraukePetry

    ARK Digest Q&A! (no longer accepting questions)

    When you will fix this: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/233109-ark-crashes-with-unreal-engine-exiting-due-to-d3d-device-being-lost/
  5. FraukePetry

    3rd DLC Guesses

  6. FraukePetry

    3rd DLC Guesses

    No what I meant was if you look at ending Video of abberation you see the next map it is earth so no speculation
  7. FraukePetry

    3rd DLC Guesses

    3rd DLC is ARK Survival Evolved: Extinction which is comming May 2018! The Story Plays on future Earth where you have to fight an ALien Invasion.
  8. FraukePetry

    Aberration ending

    My fault I messed this up thought it was last year:)
  9. FraukePetry

    Aberration ending

    My question was when they implement it into scorched earth because they promised this last year.
  10. FraukePetry

    ARK Digest Q&A! (no longer accepting questions)

    Where is the ending video ascension of scorched earth?
  11. FraukePetry

    Aberration ending

    I miss cinematic from scorched earth because the the cutscene of aberration shows that 3 dlc is on earth. So where is the ending video of scorched earth?????
  12. FraukePetry

    Expanding Bridges

    It will never be released
  13. FraukePetry

    FPS Update

    Where is the update from this tweet?????????????
  14. FraukePetry

    8 Bred gigas Vs. 1 wild giga

    I have killed one with my raptor through stuck in ground lol
  15. FraukePetry

    ARK Digest Q&A! (no longer accepting questions)

    4k 120 FPS???????????