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  1. So when is the ice wyvern going to be fixed on ps4 its invisable and its been ignored like there is a picture of an ice wyvern in the content release time line but it doesn't bring the problem 2 light

  2. how come jat u always acting like a bitch say something pussy i live at 209 west 1st waterloo ia u aint a bitch come see me to scared to admit u a low rent wanna be game company ur game is broke as raptor u guys were sued 1 time already i cant wait til it happens agaian bitch

  3. Hi I started playing this game since 6 weeks after it came out and I love it a lot I can't tell you how many different times I stayed up all night to play this game but I'm just wondering why isn't the ice Wyvern spawning on rag and when will players on PS4 and Xbox get the same love as pc we love wyverns to I got a lot of them in my single player on pve and I would get them on pvp but I can't seem to find a tribe who can build a decent defense and not get lazy but the thing is where is the ice Wyvern with the new look