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  1. this morning before the patch, my plants were killing every dino that got near my base, high or low in elevation, with no issues. now, AFTER THE MOST RECENT PATCH, none of the plants are seeing anything that is not directly over the top of them. i've been overrun by hyenas, sabertooths , and argents. normally i'd say it's a placement issue or something, however they were WORKING FINE BEFORE TODAY'S update/patch. yesterday, my plants were shooting a a wyvern that i couldnt even see below the cliff at my base, today, i'm standing ON the large plot crop trying to check the fertilizers while getting attacked by a sabertooth. points to note: 1. plants had no problems at 11am est this morning. but after the patch today, are not firing at any dinos at all. 2. elevation of plants is not an issue, again they were killing dinos this morning 3. all plants have been verified to be full of fertilizer 4. all plots are large, and irrigated. 5 plants are all set to high range attack all targets. 6: nothing has changed in regards to the plants over the last 24 hours with the exception of today's patch. no 'settings' have been altered.
  2. so instead of rolling out such a huge moronic update in small increments, they wait until people are in their normal schedule, taming animals, breeding etc.. and mid - day, shut down the servers for 15 mins, and force a client restart, which results in a friggin amazing 20 GIG DOWNLOAD.. really, DILO. this is trash. if you're gonna do crap like this, put a popup warning when people LOG ON TO THE SERVER "oh hey by the way, we're shutting down between x and x times, dont start anything that will run into those time frames else you're fooked. this company has got a lot to learn about timing.
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