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  1. Genesis Series with public members Hi Guys, I started my genesis series on my youtube this weekend and i have people that will be involved on my server (episode 2 later has Savage involved while we run a fishing mission) Please check it out and subscribe and like if you enjoy! Appreciate it if you did guys!
  2. Taming The New Creatures Guides Hope these help anyone struggling https://youtu.be/uVU5fbSVRzI https://youtu.be/0vZOPUNFYg0 https://youtu.be/HuKOaQi8vvE
  3. Most recent watch here, its taming and imprinting an Allo army! https://youtu.be/OD1N9m8iB24
  4. Ark Cluster Series Ulimate Ark like Series! Hey guys I am currently doing a ultimate ark (Syntac) Style series but in the end it will be a continuation that i just use as my forever base to keep my super dino and build and build on but i will be running all bosses caves and story etc. here is the current video that is out Ep 15 and it was our first cave run (Yes it took me that long lol but i have a super sabertooth now) https://youtu.be/r9-o74dbyzY Let me know what you think guys if i can improve anything just let me know Cheers
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