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  1. Make Dino decay on Obelisk area x10 Obelisk on most pve servers are lagt and Not acceseble due to Rex-storage and some Dodo trolls. Can you and decay on dinos near obelisk for example 8h and then they dissapear? You have similar mechanics in Atlas at Freeports where Ships gets destroyed faster then in other grids
  2. I read this post with tears in my eyes, 1guy was playing 9k hours and some ”bastards” did raid him. Now comes answer why- Bots did pillar 40 of map, he did even pillar outsider of Peoples base, he did block all lakes with beaverdams, megalania spawn and for 2 years ago ( when he was quiting after some Guys did kite giga to him) he did block basilo spawn. This Guy is blockning entire part of map, are rude in chat and builds large builds that make no sence ( he sats i want to build big becouse i love to see how ppl Crash outsider of my base, and then i can look them) 70% playes says thx to me. P.S i did not ment to kill dinos but as u see in vid he whistle all to atack me, i have ss from beginin of war where i only was removing pillars /Agapon
  3. Plz never again x2 breeding,evry time u add x2 breeding we get cap on my server
  4. can tek dino eggs be used in kibble as regulare once?
  5. New pve events? will it look like dungeons? or like ragnarok golem and worm bosses?
  6. I think the only thing we gets from s+ is no collision mode, so you can easy build on non-flat ground, the rest would just be op like pickupeble stuff. Another good thing i hope they add is bigger wall, instead of loading 8 wall u can load 1 2x4 size wall
  7. But it works fine without rider, maybe it ment to be like that?
  8. For some crunches ago you wrote that you will look forward to balance more Abberation map similar to how you balanced SE, dose this teleporter enabled fuction first and last balance that you will do? Or you have plans on working further with Abberation?
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