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    Can’t use admin commands

    Maybe you're doing it right, I think I punched in admincommand destroywilddinos, and nothing happened, so to be sure I found a random dino outside the base and punched in the command and it just disappeared, turns out I had been doing it all along. It'll usually lag a bit though, check your ping right after you punch it in
  2. Jump on this morning to see the server doesn't load past "primal game data", which like half the time me and the other three guys try to join it doesn't let us anyway, it'll sit there loading for a while then just go back to menu, that's been an issue for as long as I can remember. I go down to the basement to reset the server and console, once that's done I hit invite and it doesn't allow because the session has ended, reset console two more times, first time same thing, second time same notification (cannot inv friends because game session ended) but a few minutes after the button doesn't even register. Honestly totally love this game, literally invest days into it at a time, but we sausage around with this server poop way too often man, like how long has the game been released now and there's still consistent issues with joining and restarting the server. At that I'll add we haven't used this console for anything but ark dedi server for my brother and I and a couple other guys, we don't claim to be experienced with these sorts of issues, bought the console second hand in great condition maybe theres something wrong with it, but I honestly doubt it, if anyone can provide some insight we'd appreciate it worlds, or Arks in this case.