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  1. Subotai

    Lost Rex undermap help!!!

    I do not even count the number of times it happened to me... Happened in tek cave too (that was really cool to see our rexs dying like that) Open a ticket on the support and ask some help
  2. Subotai

    what is your fav armor from non modded

    Depend of what we do, since the beginning of the game i'm naked and hides when i was a beginner, when fighting using flak armor
  3. Subotai

    pve Alpha dragon boss

    Therizi like all berries dinos are the most easiest to breed, you just need to be here for the baby phase then you just put some feeding trough full berries and you can just sit and wait for the others 3 days
  4. Yes, we are doing Alpha cave tonight. We play only with friends, but we are actually 7 and if we don't found 3 lasts players we will ask on the forum.
  5. Subotai

    DLC Leaks?

    Hey, i would like to know if there were any leaks on a DLC release date or if I missed ads or presentations?
  6. Subotai

    pve Patience, No longer a Virtue.

    I know that this game can be boring when you are alone, personally we are a big band of friends with whom we can do all the content ARK (BOSS, Tek cave etc ...) without having to have an alliance. (We make alliances to help, but we do not need it) I may have plans to join middle-class tribes to teach people how boss battles are and prepare for them. To introduce myself, I'm French and I was competing on some games. I play ARK for over 2 years and i started in an alpha pvp tribe so I was immediately trained at the top level. I also took breaks when I was alone so yes i know this game is boring and limited.
  7. Subotai

    "When I was a newbie..."

    Same with stimberries i just said "fk you always need to drink on this game"
  8. Same problem with a golem on PC
  9. Subotai

    ARK is coming to mobile. what are your thoughts?

    i mean for PC mutiplayer, to refresh the timer
  10. Subotai

    ARK is coming to mobile. what are your thoughts?

    add cross platform to that if possible, it's annoyed to restart at 0 ARK everytimes you go on hollidays
  11. Subotai

    irl If you could tame a dinosaur IRL, what would it be?

    after or before the flyer nerf?
  12. Subotai

    Base stats of these Rex?

    when you talk in base stats in points all breeders understand, and you can see your rex is mutated. you have 51 base points on HP and damages and you put 20 on HP and 23 on damages
  13. Subotai

    irl If you could tame a dinosaur IRL, what would it be?

    a dodo, if someday it's cap i could kill him
  14. Subotai

    Pillars everywhere

    Like trolls on PvE