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  1. Ark Is Getting Annoying

    i'm downloading with 60-90 Kb/s, this update of 1.9 Go make me out
  2. Ascendant Blueprint not working

    Right click and craft it
  3. Some suggestions

    Some interesting suggestions, I want to point out that I don't care about troodon or pegomastax at my level, but it's for everyone. I think it would be nice to reduce the life of pegomastax for low-level people, I find their HP too high and they are annoying at low level. For the troodons there are everywhere (I'm on The Island), in all biomes and they are many. I'm more afraid of these little creatures than a Rex (They run fast ._.). I propose to reduce their number on maps or to lower their health (It takes too many arrows to kill one). For the fog, when it starts I have a white screen for several minutes and it appears very often (several times a day) we see absolutely nothing and we have to put the game on pause and wait for it to pass (Now I know good the walking dead series) ... I tried gamma 1, but you can't see at 5 meters (in the redwood this is a joke). I propose to make it appear less often and reduce its effect. To counter duplicate objects and dino, why not use the ID system? When the same ID appears at the same time it would be good if an automatic coding action removes it instantly... It's simple... Don't hesitate to say what you think about these suggestions
  4. Raising Wyverns

    Some Coffee :') that's easy to do a wyvern, you just need to be here for the baby
  5. Maybe wait until it grows, it may be able to unlock by flying
  6. Ddossing was never fixed

    I lost a rex projected into space by a trike
  7. Looking for Solo Tribe Server

    I do not think it exists, make one i think it's not a bad idea, you can have a few players
  8. Island server

    The-EU-PVE-OfficialServer263 (on Nitrado) if you are European, the server have somes goods spots and the community is cool
  9. Ice wyverns/ice wyvern eggs not spawning

    Maybe afk a little on your solo and wait a spawn?
  10. Hopless Game

    There is no command to teleport them in solo mode?
  11. Wyvern egg stealing

    Use the traps of the players if they are open, otherwise you can make your own trap pass from one side and then stand out from the other, the wyverns are big. With a ptera having enough stamina you can use the C to gain a few meters quickly. Try to be quick and avoid the wyverns at the time of taking the egg if they turn around.
  12. Why did sotf die?

    The developers do not show it enough, we have no information... that's why i never tried
  13. Hi everybody

    I'm here to unlock too the trading forum here to told you welcome !
  14. Hello all

  15. Thank you, i was looking for how to build one