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  1. holyghost600

    halloween 2017 event on unofficial servers?

    they dont give a poop about us they only want money thats why the game is out and the game is still haveing problems because they dont care about us they will never answer are qwestions and if you asked for them to do somethig they wont respond to anything that wildcard for ya
  2. holyghost600

    ragnarok drops

    ever sence you gave me ragnarok my player dedicated server wont let me get sky drops or won't let me access the obelisk i wounder if you could check and see if you could fix it please i love ark great job
  3. hey jat i was woundering if you can look in to fixing the drops and the obelisk on ragnarok every time i go to access them it kicks me out of my player dedicated server thats i love ark a lot


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    2. holyghost600


      i hope this game works better on the xbox one x on November 7 or im gonna delete this game on my consoles what a waste of money



    3. holyghost600


      wildcard dont know how to fix there problems the update didnt do anything there gonna lose players i spent $100 dollars on this game for junk wild card are just a joke im gonna tell people not to buy this game i asked a month a go if they can fix it they gave me bull sh#t


    4. holyghost600


      stuped wild card dont care about nobody but there money if they listen to the people they would have more support but no body likes there first game they made ark😡😠they are pissing people off by releaseing a game that is not finished  they need to get there head out of there asses then they whould how many problems the game is haveing an fix them they will try to fix the problems but when they do they make it 50x worse people send there problems but they don't care they will lose buyers and more buyers i was gonna buy this game for nefew but i not anymore im gonna waste another $100 on junk they will never fix 


  4. holyghost600

    Drake by Hardstyleriin

    awesome picture i like the dragon
  5. holyghost600

    ragnarok loot crates

    I'm on xboxone playing on ragnarok everytime I go to get a drop and obelisk it kicks me out of my player dedicated sever can you try to fix it please thanks love ragnarok