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  1. Yes, in my server the alpha tribe is pretty cool. They let my tribe and other tribes grow and now we formed an alliance in the server. Unfortunately, with the alliance's tribe's members we reached the server cap, and so we tell every new player to leave the server so we have open slots for us. If they don't leave, we kill them, but the reasons are justified.
  2. Kill all passive tames.

    Scrubby players tell people to not kill passive tames. Big mistake. Kill everything, destroy everything, or you risk giving a chance to get back at you to the tribe you just raided. Wipe everything off the face of the earth. And then laugh in global chat at the wasted weeks the raided tribe spent getting their base and tames up.
  3. PvE server, stealing from inside ones base...

    I play PvP only, but if I were to be on a PvE server, why would I miss the chance to make someone weaker via stealing eggs? If this dude was scrubby enough to leave his door open, I would get in, steal everything and can and then curse them via global chat.
  4. Hmmm... I see. Well, if there's a maximum, it has to be either more than 8 HP per second, or exactly 8 HP per second, since that's what the Medical Brew heals per second. If I understand what you are saying correctly, you mean that I could only stack Medical and Custom if the maximum is more than 8 HP per second (say, like, if it is 11 HP, they would stack, giving me 8 from the Medical and 3 from the Custom)?
  5. So, you get the 8 HP per second from the Medical Brew while at the same time getting the X HP per second from your Custom Consumable? Awesome.
  6. u.u Can someone try this for me? I know it's easy to try, but I'm not at home and it's making me anxious. u.u
  7. How do penalties to tamed (bred) Wyverns work?

    Thanks, sir. So, let me ask something else about this. If we check that page, instead of -25% in the melee damage department, it says to add 7%. Does that mean that a tamed Megalosaurus starts with 107% melee damage?
  8. Does that mean that, while a wild lvl 1 Wyvern will have 1725 HP, a bred lvl 1 Wyvern will have 675 HP? And instead of 80 base melee damage (I know melee damage is not important, but I want to know), it will have 20? Or are things a bit more complicated than this?
  9. I mean, somebody has to know this.
  10. Let us use this entry, for example. There, in the 'Melee damage' department, it shows a Taming Bonus 'Mult' of 17.6%. And also a 'Add' 7%. What do those number mean? Thanks.
  11. Please bring it back up. Also, it went down today of all days...