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  1. I couldn't care less for shutting down Ark: SE servers. I abandoned the game about 2 years ago because of game-breaking bugs that ruined every single bit of gameplay. A better looking deleted character on a nicer dino in UE5, is still a deleted character and dino when transferring to other servers or touching the world barrier. If you are just shoving old garbage under a new carpet, it will still start to stink very soon. So no, I will not buy a new paint-job version of an old game as an experiment for a new game that will come out soon after this "upgrade" that was promised as free btw. and that is bundled with a game there is absolutely no info about. I learned my lesson during all these years about you guys failing time and time again to deliver on promises and fix important stuff. I will patiently wait and see if you can deliver something new with Ark 2, if it is just BS like many other things you said in community crunches and if you can deliver a new game that has at least decent customer support and none of the game-braking stuff we are familiar with from Ark: SE. PS: 3000h sunken in this game, with wonderful moments along friends, but in the end, with a lot of frustration and wasted hours that made the game completely worthless; in the end it felt like a horrible chore that nobody wanted to do and repeated every day, with something breaking every single time. Been playing since Aberration was just a concept and acquired the game since Island was the only map (my laptop then couldn't run the game though). Also, let us not forget that Wildcard was the first studio in history to launch a DLC for a game in Early Access. They sold Scorched Earth as a DLC when the game was still very much rough on the edges and didn't even have a proper lore. So there is that too and the same trend is being followed now to milk the Ark cow a little more.
  2. I have uninstalled this crap 2 weeks ago. Official servers are a mess. Was planning to stick around only to play gen 2, but I was stupid to think that I could do that. Gen 1 kicks every 15min with the server save (for months now) and Gen 2 server crashes daily multiple times, lags like hell, rubberbanding all the time etc. I simply am NOT ALLOWED to play the DLC I payed for. Serves me right for endorsing the crap customer support and ignorance of the dev team. Ark had so much potential and you ruined it completely in the last 2 years. And no, I am not talking about content-wise things, I am talking of basic gamebraking bugs, a server network that is apparently running on steam and coal and the experimentation with every new update that breaks something instead of fixing things. Q&A is non-existent or completely useless bunch that does god knows what. There might be some hope for Ark 2 if the team changes. The current team just repeats mistakes over and over again.
  3. I would propose the following to be introduced: 1) Fixobugosaurus - once tamed it instantly fixes all the gamebraking bugs that you won't be reimbursed for. 2) Serveroverhauluropod - Has a global effect on the server network. Once tamed, you can actually connect to the servers and play the DLC you payed for, with surprising ping under 100 and a lag-free experience. Genesis 1 and 2 were a total rip-off. Official servers are a mess. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.
  4. Finally an informative community crunch. Stick to this model. "World Borders: Soon, we will be updating world barriers on all maps so that anything outside of a world border will be destroyed. Boom. This is live on The Island on PC and there were some edge-case issues with it being oversensitive but that’s now been fixed and we’ll be rolling out to other platforms soon." That's why you need Q&A BEFORE releasing stuff like this. SOME???? edge-case issues? Everyone that touched the damned wall lost everything in every single case. A heads-up or a note in the patches would have been nice. I'm sure someone would have figured out the bug earlier and we wouldn't have been lab-rats for this issue. Not sure the problem has been fixed, as people still report it:
  5. I know, and it was a fair deal, or babies raised, that were an exact replacement. The thing is, especially on PVE, that it would not affect gameplay in any way if they would replace your dinos. It's just pixels, they don't spend money to reimburse your lost stuff and the only benefit one might get from a new dino is irrelevant to the server as a whole. On PVP, sure it might have some impact, but on PVE there is absolutely no reason for GMs to be useless.
  6. If you call spawning in a level 150 dino a "replacement" for your max level, bred, 100% imprint dino, then sure. They are of wonderful help. Their "help" is a bad joke. Here is quote from the last e-mail: "due to internal policy, the max level I can restore is level 150 without visual evidence. If your dino is level 150 or higher, please provide visual evidence with your reply. We will no longer be restoring any dinos with levels over 200, wyverns and rock drakes over level 190 even with visual evidence." So yes, it is absolutely true that they WILL NOT PROVIDE REPLACEMENTS. No one submits tickets for low level dinos they are offering. A replacement means to provide something similar, not utter poop in the face.
  7. GMs will not replace anything under any circumstance due to "internal policy". Not sure what their role is nowadays.
  8. Make a ticket, wait for an automated message after 4+ weeks that tells you there is nothing to be done and install Kerbal Space Program. Have fun!
  9. Nice to see recommendations for different statistics have been completely ignored.
  10. I would like to see the following statistics: - players and tames killed by bugs (ex. anti-mesh false positives, out-of-play-area on extinction) - deleted characters during transfers - average lag time during server-saves on servers in different regions - average ping on different servers/regions - server-wide disconnects - server downtime - attempts of DDoS and other attacks on servers - ratings of GMs and general feedback from the community And I would like a community crunch with a separate part titled "INTERNAL POLICY OF GMs" with its detailed content, criteria of implementation and how it changes and who decides how it changes every few weeks. So that people can stop submitting all those tickets that only get an automated "tough luck, sucker" message after weeks of waiting.
  11. Genesis 657 has disconnects EVERY SINGLE TIME a save occurs. Si disconnects every 15min. Unplayable like this. This has persisted for at least a week now.
  12. When you breed Borderlands and Ark together...
  13. Extinction493 offline again for over 3h. Outage reports do nothing to resolve the issues. This server needs to be moved. When it is not crashed, the poor performance makes it unplayable... My favorite map and I can't play it.
  14. Found a new hobby: taming Liopleurodons
  15. Tamed Liopleurodon vanishing into the vortex.
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