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  1. ManGorilla

    Vertical Metal Veins

    Grab a quetzal and have fun or use grappling hooks to get on top and lower your self, hitting all the nodes. I use to farm the metal nodes on the north shore with pillars at night early game with a few hooks. #raftlife
  2. ManGorilla

    Wind Turbine work on Aberration?

    Only 5 gas for 40 mats is a bit too low of a ratio, especially how fast Rag consumes burnables.
  3. ManGorilla

    Wind Turbine work on Aberration?

    This response is incorrect. Wind turbine works on Rag and Island but if you hold H, no wind info. Do this in the mean time to get some easy oil or tame some dung beetles and make your animals poop.
  4. ManGorilla

    The Barnji Plateau

    I highly enjoy the three Waterfall cave, 2 entrances, walls of turrets and layers of gates. a well placed foundation has lead to a completely flat bottom level and a second tiered level. It is a ton of space and you have the beaver dams right next to you. A must for wood to turn into charcoal and CP. Metal/obsidian on the three mountain tops next to you. Metal all in the cannon down stream with rich nodes above each pillar. Honestly, this is the best end game base. location is great and with the new cliff platforms, and fish baskets, you can move some of your water tames, into your base.
  5. ManGorilla

    Bulbdog vs Shinehorn vs Glowtail

    not sure that is reliable, finding alot of bulbdogs with 0 wasted stats.
  6. ManGorilla

    Bulbdog vs Shinehorn vs Glowtail

    Dododex does not display the new Aberration stats for Light pets. no stats for charge capacity, No stat
  7. ManGorilla

    Bulbdog vs Shinehorn vs Glowtail

    not showing any base stats reflecting the new starts on dododex.
  8. ManGorilla

    Bulbdog vs Shinehorn vs Glowtail

    Anyone #1 charge range?
  9. Are you playing on a private server? Grappling hooks are disabled on official for this reason. Minium gear is just a good shield and sword. If you are good, no armor, medical brews or anything else is required. Block with shield, attack, rinse repeat. Kite the boss from left to right, block attacks. win.
  10. ManGorilla

    So is there an end to nameless spawns?

    use a glow stick on your tame and around the area. problem solved.
  11. ManGorilla

    what color is cool on griffen

    Black ascents for definition and toss in some brick color and that cream will look awesome.
  12. ManGorilla

    Ice Cave Help For Deathworm Horns

    Well your first issue will be a wall of 6-10 bears Got to clear this before getting in, they hit for 200-300 a swipe. plan a head for that. Also if you do go Queen, you get dropped out on the back side of the map. Need to put a bird on the back to fly back. I found, a decent shield and sword does more damage and I survive more then using a gun. I solo but only use a gun on boss
  13. ManGorilla

    Abberation mounts

    I second this, using the natural zip lines is the so much easier and in some cases, the only way to get to some places. Just grab three ravagers and explore. Unlimited stamina and the pack will jump on the zip lines while following. Plus Ravagers have a reduced weight reduction on items in the inventor. 1000 carry weight, def worth.
  14. ManGorilla

    New Resources Same Result

    fungal wood burns over twice as fast. 20 fungal wood = 6 cooked meat versus normal wood.
  15. ManGorilla

    Silica pearls, oil and obsidian in Aberration

    How do you toggle the pet?