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  1. Ark: Aberration

    You could argue that with the sudden release date of the product, they gave little room to wait for a better time to purchase the content. If you want to openly discuss suing WC, their forums might not be the best place to talk. I do think that the developers need to give realistic goals and release dates. As we, their source of income, set time and resources aside for the services purchased yet not rendered. Just like going out to lunch, If you pay the cashier for a sandwich and they quote 5-10 minutes to make your order. After 10 minutes, an employee walks to your table and gives you get a new quote, 24 hours. What person would except this and not ask for their money back. Well this is the situation we are in, except they keep telling us to check back in month after month after month. You might be able argue interested earned on services undelivered merit a form of compensation or refund with interest paid on funds. However I am not lawyer but I did play a doctor once in a play, and I know.... You will survive! However
  2. Ark: Aberration

    On the other hand, It may not be out till January. Then you will be back on time! To be honest, I don't think anyone will be able to touch Aberration this year. Sadly, WC has made a bad reputation for release dates.
  3. Any friendly rag pvp servers?

    Official is all wipe on sight. I know two tribes that are alphas. The kill on sight is now a daily ritual of small tribe stomping. If you are looking for unofficial, The server I play on is really chill and wont get wiped. PVP is fine and opening up a cluster for other islands. Hit me up on steam if you want to join.
  4. Just like SE gave us the Flamethrowers, Silk garments, and Preserving Salt. What tools and Armor are you excited to use on the other arks? I have always loved the tree house platforms. It is such a cool idea, even if they need to add more to them. I am super excited for the Zip lines. They are going to make an awesome addition to the base. I am also excited about rock climbing picks. That will be perfect for caving on the other arks. Also, Wing suits Let me know your thoughts.
  5. Dodo Kibble Tamed Efficiency

    Have you been in those caves? I have been lost more then once and it is a large as cave. You are correct, 6x damage but if you are looking for a foot hold on the server, you got to start somewhere. I know two alpha tribes on official servers that hate going in that cave. They will avoid it if they can. This gives you more than 8 hours to last. Last thing to note, official doesn't mean better. Gl in your travel my lonely Hermit.
  6. How are ya gonna play Abberation ??

    I got a group of friends. We all plan to start new characters on our cluster and have a blast! I am super excited about the no flyers, they do break the game. No real reason to use ground mounts. Really wish they added wild interaction with tamed animals. Like low level dinos would flee or even small dinos flee from big dinos. Either way, cant wait to explore!
  7. Ark: Aberration

    Are you still Excited and Hyped?
  8. Servers Not Pillared?

    You could move to Unofficial PVP server. Friendly community but able to remove old scraps from the server. I love the server I am on and it fits my play style.
  9. Argentavis need help

    Also go for body or head shots. Avoid the Wings and the be wary of the tail.
  10. Ice cave Boss fight

    I do it alone a couple times a week. You can kite her a bit with some practice. Bring lots of flak back up and some fur armor. Bring your best gun and a great sword and board.
  11. Rexs on Ragnarok

    They are a rare spawn, I cant find more then two per region. Much less a 145 or 150.
  12. Ragnarok FAQ

    Hey, I understand this is a busy time of the year for any dead lines but just curious if we can get an updated time table for releases of the map? Not a complaint, just asking for transparency. Will the Jerboa be able to predict weather conditions server wide? Note: They seem to already attempt to predict things now. Will the weather effects bleed over to other parts of the island or the SE islands in the SW? Thanks for all the work done already!
  13. Ice worms

    Never really looked. They despawn in seconds and respawn just as fast. You get atleast one per kill.
  14. Dodo Kibble Tamed Efficiency

    If you plan to play official solo, I would give up honestly. It is easier to raid then defend. Get a few team mates and go at it! You have two options in rag if you want to not be wiped instantly and both are a bit extreme. Option one, become a Mole Man! get your Ptera and some building supplies and head for the Caves. Under the castle is an amazing and slightly confusing chain of tunnels. Most tribes avoid it as they don't want to end up getting lost and don't expect anyone to build there. The cave has almost everything, even light for your farms, spires to build platforms on. It has access to the ocean via two water tunnels that exit out in Viking bay, which leads me to say use your dodo kibble for an ichy too. This is by first suggestion. Once again, official is not for solo players, advertise on reddit or somewhere for tribe mates. Option two, Take to the water! Take 5 points to double your oxygen and build a small micro base under water. This isn't so strange as Mega Tribes that are paranoid will hide weapon Caches under water too. Keep hiding your stuff every 8 hours till you are ready to build a base. Down side, this wont protect your dinos. Their are underwater caves that you can build in, oxygen and all. But resources are super limited and bringing land dinos down will be almost impossible. Alternative option, Give up as a solo player on official and come join our slightly boosted vanilla rag cluster. Friendly group and no daily wipes, Hell I was in your shoes not long ago, Ill even toss you some tools to get you started. I highly suggest option 1 if you plan to stay on Rag. This will give you access to everything the surface has, yet shielded away from the rest of the world. Just don't let them see you going in and out of the cave too much, if they are a kill on sight server. You are going to have a hard time defending the base when they finally learn about it or even taming big ticket items.
  15. Why is Ragnarok OP AF yo(PvE)

    Can I get Cords? This sounds better than the rich nodes hidden in the canyon