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  1. hi looking to setup ark rent servers which one do I go for
  2. To you all that have a COMPLAIN about the game not working proper like mine I have sent a email to philsp@microsoft.com Because the are no ARTEFACTS on the game that means they broken the game with the last update 4 months a go I also told them they are selling a broken game
  3. will all of you who buy Atlas are mad you going get rippoff like on ark
  4. I would like WILDCARD FIX THE GAME still nothing in the ice queen cave why are you not do your job you do not let play no what going on that why I have been putting this all over the internet and on your facebook don't buy it you will be RIPPED OFF LIKE ALL OF USE WHO PLAY ON ARK I HAVE NOT PLAY THE GAME 4 MONTH I HAVE CLOSE MY SERVER DOWN WILDCARD FIX THE GAME
  5. Glenn


    don't buy it you will be RIPPED OFF LIKE ALL OF USE WHO PLAY ON ARK
  6. don't buy it you will be RIPPED OFF LIKE ALL OF USE WHO PLAY ON ARK
  7. I hope that no one gets or buys this game for Christmas be cause they will be RIPPTED OFF we all need to report this game to Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft if you do nothing they will get a way with it they are not going to listen to you all on here when all the want is money
  8. will we had a new update and I thought this will fixed the ice queen artefact and drops problem put it doesn't once again they're not listening to the players of the game ( I STILL CAN'T DO A BOSS FIGHT ) THEY NEED STOP MESSING ABOUT AND GET IT FIXED
  9. they will not work until the next update then we can see what else they can mess up lol
  10. when to get all artefact in all the caves but GUESS what the not there and the drops have gone ON ARK RAGNAROK I hope no one buy this game for anyone for christmas because there will get RIP-OFF
  11. is that all you can say ????????? or do you what to get your posts ratings up
  12. You're right I could stop play the game put to then I will lose all that money and to say I have had my money worth is a joke when you get kick off the game or you may say blackscreen then you have to join the game again and then you get update which always messes up the game I no I am not the only one this as happened to
  13. hi all thinking of getting a petition against wildcard I have had the game for some year's and it never work proper in all this time and now I setup a dedicated server on my pc they messed it up again no artefact so some off the people have give up it is every time they update it all they what is money it 's not fair on people who have play this game for hours and hours so think off putting on facebook what do you all think
  14. hi I am hosting the server on windows10 were do I put the command to spawn them
  15. I thanks for your reply I setup a server on my pc so that friends can join of there xbox so I can't get the artifacts from other maps you get the stuff together and you get a update and it all get messed up it was all working before the update then we had no drops and now no artifacts
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