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  1. I had a similar problem at the very beginning, but with all the trouble at lunch of play anywhere, I just figured it was their problem to fix. As it turns out it actually hadn't finished downloading yet, just the progress had disappeared. If you check the properties of the Microsoft store download folder you'll see it has 2 different sizes. One is actual size on disk and one is allocated empty space. Check your downloads in the Microsoft store maybe it'll show as incomplete. Otherwise just wait for it to finish.
  2. That worked for me, though I'd tried it a thousand times the same way yesterday, so they must have issued a fix sometime in the past 10 hours.
  3. Just to clarify, it's released, you can download it, but good luck getting it to work right
  4. I've been trying to test crossplay for a while now. Haven't had any luck with it. First I tried running the server on my Xbox dedicated server and connecting via PC, I'm not able to join it via friends list or invite. I tried it vice versa, with the PC as server and the xbox as client. Same result. In both instances I CAN send the invite, but the client doesn't receive the invite. If I access (pc) host's profile via friends list on the xbox the option to join game is greyed out. Whereas accessing same (xbox) host's profile via pc no option to join game even appears. it's worth noting all other communication varieties work (party, stream, personal messages etc). Also worth noting that the versions numbers for the xbox and pc are different. 768.1 is PC version. 768 is Xbox version. with no option anywhere to update.
  5. I feel like someone has to have asked this before, but a search on the forum keyword "password" came up empty. How does a client input a password to join my hosted dedicated server? The only way I've gotten it to work thus far is by becoming friends with all those who wish to join and sometimes this fails stating the required password field is empty... But there is no place to put the password in from the client side? Unless of course they manage to find my game on the server list and then it gives a prompt. But my game never shows up on the server lists. Ive got to be going nuts, how could this not be something more talked about on the forums? It's like making a lock with no key. Someone tell me how stupid I am for not seeing this.