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  1. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    Just an update I gave up on the game. A month has passed and no new info or anything official in the way of a response. I'm pretty sure I wasted my money on this and I won't get it back.
  2. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    Hi Jen or Jat or The RIght Hand, still looking for info on this, nearly 1 month has passed and not a single word about it. Feeling abandoned here.
  3. More Servers to Be Deleted?

    You will find no official response ANYWHERE. Wildcard do not care about us or our concerns or questions. You can try, here, on Steam, Reddit or the Twitter but I bet my bottom dollar you don't get an answer.
  4. Need more servers?

    So multi page thread after thread about this but no answer what so ever.
  5. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    Pity they can't put that information HERE... Either way sounds like BS to me, they never owned the physical servers before and they don't now, it's one big lie to me.
  6. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    Come on Wildcard, it really can't be hard for one of you devs to log onto the OFFICIAL FORUMS and respond to the thread after thread on this issue.
  7. Any tips for getting on 70/70

    SPAM their twitter, forums and Reddit until they put up the same amount of servers as before! They are literally ignoring the issue right now, without making enough noise it will not change.
  8. Question about property

    You can pillar what ever you want, no rules and Wildcard DO NOT CARE, this has been an issue since the game came out in EA and no fix has ever worked. Since day one the new servers where pillar'd to hell and back and not a SINGLE thing has been done about it.
  9. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    So they added a few more servers and I use the word FEW accurately. This is a joke, nearly 2 weeks in ans still no access to the OC region servers! I want my money back Wildcard! Please refund!
  10. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    Still being ignored!
  11. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

  12. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

  13. So it's been over a week now and I still can't join an official PVP server as they are at capacity 24/7. I have spent well over 2 hours just trying to join a server and cannot refund the game through steam, this is not good enough! I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK!
  14. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

  15. Seriously only 11 OC servers!?