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  1. Splinteryourjaw

    Getting wood

    lol :clap:
  2. Splinteryourjaw

    Dire bears lost their role?

    Bears and their DPS, are cool but when compared to the sloths bug boost dps wouldn't the bear's/sloth's use be more situational ...meaning everybody here is right : )
  3. Splinteryourjaw

    Tranq darts or arrows

    I did the same. I was confused why he died and did it again. Some of us learn the hard way. For all other taming I use arrows, Q's I mix it up.
  4. Splinteryourjaw


    This, this, and this
  5. Splinteryourjaw

    Season Pass Price 25,45->16,79?

    season pass is only 25% off on my page
  6. Splinteryourjaw

    SE and the Phoenix. Location discussion.

    7) stam/energy comes from feeding it sulfur