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  1. We are doing the fight this weekend as well. We decided to scrap the Tek suit idea because of the difficulty of getting enough element to aberration even after taking an ele dust gacha over there. We are using riot armor and the standard drakes/shotgun method.
  2. I got in with about 13 posts. All I did was make sure I maxed my post limit a few days in a row with a mix of new topics and replies.
  3. I used to breed a dimorph army. They are awesome. Could take on just about anything. Good for caves too. Vultures work too but dimorphs are cooler IMO.
  4. If you're solo try playing to build new friends with similar interests that are long term ark players rather than to build up with a tribe of randos. I used to be in a two man tribe with my wife because we couldn't trust anyone else but we started trading with people over time who eventually became allies. Then we got to running caves and boss fights with them. We figured out they were people we could trust and we eventually became friends. We quit ark for about three months but decided to come back and we had friends to tribe up with. We even play other games with them sometimes like GTA.
  5. Pip20103

    For Switch?

    Ah, I didn't realize this. I don't play on switch. Yeah that is sad, the switch makes it nice and portable without having to play mobile.
  6. Pip20103

    For Switch?

    On the official playark genesis website http://playark.com/genesis/ it has the Nintendo switch logo at the bottom of the page. I can't say for 100% sure but that's usually a good indicator that it will be available for switch. I tried to find any mention of it in the original announcement post but didn't see anything.
  7. Yeah I mean it doesn't make sense to work with steam as they're two different companies. But Ark was ported over to mobile (although it technically has different mechanics so it's kinda like a new game) and it was ported over to switch, so what's one more port over to Stadia? I think that with the client being housed in a server that has a very fast connection, maybe the game wouldn't be so slow. Wildcard could even consider housing their server side information on the Google servers to be accessed directly by the Stadia user which might improve a lot of QOL issues. Just some thoughts, plus it would be neat to play wherever you were without having to download anything.
  8. Are you hitting 'Y' to craft? In general Y is the "craft all" button, or at least triangle is on PS4 which is the equivalent of Xbox's Y. If you want to craft one item, try hitting the right trigger once. Also if you look at the very top of your screen kind of to the left it will tell you which buttons to hit to craft all, craft 5, and craft 1. Hope this helps!
  9. Ark on Google Stadia? What does everyone think are the chances that ark might come to Stadia? Do you like the idea, or hate it?
  10. Alpha Rockwell and Tek Suit Hey y'all, we're looking to defeat Alpha Rockwell soon on official and we're wondering if it's possible to take Tek armor into the arena. Looking it up I'm getting conflicting reports about whether there's actually any radiation in the arena and also whether you can hover around with the chest piece at all. Can anyone confirm these items? Thanks!
  11. Looking to run Alpha Rockwell if anyone has an extra seat.

  12. We usually go for about 18k-20k HP, 1.8k-2k Stam and the rest in melee. With a good rock Drake saddle you shouldn't have an issue.
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