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  1. SinTheGamer

    Blue screen PS4 unofficial list load

    It looks like the patch yesterday fixed it.
  2. Has any1 else been getting blue screen when you try to log into unofficial servers list on ps4? Also people are getting a 30 minute respawn timer on starting my server? Im on a Nitrado pc dedicated for PS4. Any ifo would be great. Thanks
  3. SinTheGamer

    New Skin ideas

    I had a few ideas I wanted to see what you guys thought. We have bone costumes for dinos, What bout one for the players. That would be hella sik. Also with that maybe upon achievements you can earn different player skins, like reptile, wolf, stone, metal, crystal, diamond, gold, birdman, the possibilities are endless. Would add more to tribes that wanted to be a type of creature costume. What you guys think. This may have been brought up already but lets kick it around again.
  4. Hello our community 247Grind is looking for new players for our server cluster 4xBoosted247PVP and 4xBoosted247PVP s2. It is not a high boosted server and admins do not play with admin powers. Admins only activate their powers to handle admin issues. You can raid any1, only rules are no greifing fresh spawns, spawn camping, No building in loot drop areas(caves). All other caves good to go. We will be having events, and probley everything you are looking for in a server. If you have suggestions to make the server better just let me know or any of the admins. Squach, Ripped, VictrixFlex. And Im SinTheGamer. Its not an op server, a good group of players. we have a 20 and 50 slot Nitrado servers. 50 stays on Ragnarok and the 20 is on the Island so you can earn tek gear. We can change that server at anytime the community wishes. Come check us out. Even if its not for you leave us some ideas. Thanks hope to see, so I can raid you, jk. Or am I.