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  1. Pendrodor

    new crafting benches

    I believe we would all fully appreciate some new benches and storage things for example TEK VAULT very strong very expensive but very very hard to break since megatribes are equiped with tens of thousands of explosives this shouldnt be a problem if the vault would require like 100 C4 to blow up another thing for example tek chemistry bench with 600 slots its soo annoying to turn 200k stone and flint into spark and then into gunpowder with 60 slot chemistry benches also feature that should be added is dinos stance: so you can just what they are aggressive towards if players only and players and tames or all targets or only wild dinos another thing that would rly help is tek forge with like 500 slots or 60 but faster much faster smelting than regular industrial forge
  2. Pendrodor


    Is it possible to transfer items and dinos aberration-aberration including fertilized dino eggs?
  3. Pendrodor


    wait so make it totally clear for my brain aberration-aberration can transfer dinos and items ?
  4. Pendrodor


    is it possible to trasnfer stuff and dinos Aberration-Aberration
  5. Pendrodor

    pvp Need help to wipe alpha bully tribes!

    Do tell? I hate hydra too they are enemies
  6. Come one wildcard use your brains for once how do you expect us to defend big bases with 100 turrets in 10k units radius(34foundations) this is totally impossible not even your Heavy turret can change that unless you make it at least 8x more dmg than normal turret so give us increased turret limit at least 300 turrets that is number we could actually be able at least stand a chance against raiders but wtih 100 turrets like 90% of the bases on all PVP servers will get wiped then you will have empty servers with no lag and nobody to buy your damn delay cursed expansions SO THINK BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING MAYBE ASK PLAYERS ABOUT THEIR OPINIONS BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO MAKE SUCH A DRASTiC CHANGES TO THE CORE OF THE GAME AFTER ALL WE PLAY ON THE SERVERS NOT YOU YOU MAKE THE GAME FOR US NOT FOR YOURSELF
  7. Pendrodor


    You promised Heavy turret on the 27th of november and yeeees Once again you are late wildcard GJ you never fail anyone with your late and delay attitude
  8. Pendrodor

    pvp Need help to wipe alpha bully tribes!

    hydra is a mega tribe with a lot of servers
  9. Pendrodor

    pvp Need help to wipe alpha bully tribes!

    obviously you dont know how ark works but GL on wiping hydra thats a nice dream
  10. Pendrodor

    Turret change discussion megathread

    100 TURRET LIMIT IS NOT ENOUGH EVEN WITH THE HEAVY TURRETS make it at least 300 or dont count X plants into the 100 limit if you go with the 100 turret limit you are going to kill the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It seems the Wildcard team still DOESNT GET IT even if they add they heavy turret 100 turret limit is NOT enough how the hell are we supposed to defend our bases for example we got base at red obelisk how are we supposed to protect base with around 20 heavy turrets one ach side of the base + roof not to mention we wont be even able to place X plants and we will be at 100 limit only with the turrets not counting X plants + at red obi we have walls between those giant stone spires to prevent players from draining turrets or sniping dinos from the cliff that we have down there we wont be even able to mount those damn turret walls with turrets or X plants because we are in that stupid 34 foundation limit TOTALLY RETARDED
  12. the 100 turret limit is total BS even if the new turret would be 10x stronger than normal oen then its still not enough I dont know if they are stupid that they cant see it and understand it Wildcard would surerly need some cleaning of their dev team and hiring new ppl that can come up with normal ideas not just promising-delaying-promising-delaying they swore that they wont wipe legacy servers instead they found a way how to force ppl to go to new servers they made sure legacy servers will be dead servers so nobody would stay there and would be forced to go play on new servers=LEGACY WIPE then they promised full release it was delayed like 4 times and then it was aberration delayed so many times so I cant even count it then there was charity stream ppl were donating I myself donated 400 dollars and now they planning to totally ruin this game but why should they care about our opinions right we already bought the game they got the money from us already PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER WILDCARD AND START LISTENING TO PLAYERS THAT PLAY THE GAME,AFTER ALL THE GAME IS HERE FOR US NOT FOR YOU
  13. Sorry but even if the new heavy turret had 4-5x more power than normal turret with 100 turret limit we will be able to place only about 20 turrets on each side of base in over all even if I would place 20 of the heavy ones on each side its still only 100 turret power on each side of the base which is NOT EVEN REMOTELY ENOUGH TO DEFEND BASE especially if the range is so big we wont be even able to place turrets on our walls around the base area for example red obelisk
  14. Pendrodor

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    they could add different ammo types (explosive bullet,poison bullet,armor piercing)