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  1. Preventing dino spawns

    Put a few turrets on all targets, or just claim the land with foundations. As long as you have a good base with a few good dinos, even starting out, you should be fine. Depends on where you've decided to build though.
  2. Best Late Game Dino's

    Beavers are much better, it gets tons more wood, and can collect passively. Also the amount of weight wood puts on the beaver is reduced by 80%.
  3. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Got Supply, not complete dino wiped. Got some of those supplies back. Except for gene/industrial forge. Since we have been raided twice at the same location were taking our arge, ptera, rex, dodic, and anky, and 2 snails, over to a place close to the canyons so we can sorta "hide" and recouperate from our lossed. Our problem was we focused too much on our 2x layered terrotory wall. and we hadn't built main in metal yet (stupid mistake).
  4. Betrayed by tribe!!!

    Is it official? By the sound i'm guessing it is.
  5. So what did you do in ARK today?

    And when I hopped back on that night It was all gone. Were built up better now though
  6. How picky of a builder are you?

    I have always played on moderately, to actively aggressive PvP servers, so I don't really have time for "cosmetics". I always go for utility/practicality over looks. For PvP ALL you worry about is defence. (ex. metal spikes, multiple layers, "Buffer Chambers").
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I started in a new Rag Unofficial, and was very proud of myself. I got a good 5x5x5 stone base up, tamed 2 allos, 5 horses, and a pteradon. AND build a 12x6x9 dino pen onto the base. In 5 hours. And I started converting the main 5x5x5 base into metal.
  8. I'll probably get on tonight. In about 6 hours, Since tame rates are high, and gather is upped. Shouldn't take too long to set up. I'll play on this server when not on Nerd Parade
  9. We still trade quiet a bit on unofficial, especially for things like gigas/quetz, or other big or rare dinos like that. We usually trade stuff in much bigger quantitiies than ofiicial since its easier than official to get supplies. Hope that helps.(P.S. some unofficial players are lazy, so they trade quet a bit)
  10. I personally wouldn't like it if only characters could transfer, changes the whole concept of working and being able to take your work with you. But yeah we need a change "MAKE ARK GREAT AGAIN!" Lol
  11. Can you tame a mantis in the church cave?

    Not even babies? I havent really used mammals for the small cave openings.
  12. Can you tame a mantis in the church cave?

    Does seem pretty pointless man, I understand that they do some good damage, but no "caving ability". BRING A GOOD THYLA??
  13. Whistle command to land flying dinos

    You should repost this to Game Suggestions man. It's a really good idea, along with the "run away" command for those weaker dinos.
  14. Can you tame a mantis in the church cave?

    In the Dododex it says untamable in caves though.
  15. Can you tame a mantis in the church cave?

    I dont know for complete certain. But we've tamed creatures that were below lv 150 in the caves. Doesn't always work though, so don't quote me on it.