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  1. The Tek Shields a decent idea, but as soon as the items are released all structures are broken, so be careful.
  2. (Disclaimer, slightly off topic) A good way to get high grade things from the Gatch, at least how I've proven for it to work, Is to put war maps, and/or metal cables in its inventory along with stone.
  3. PvP or PvE. And Prefer Unofficial or Official?
  4. Ok... So you can use other peoples cryopods? are they yours when you use them?
  5. Well, it could be worse. The Devs could've made it like grenades and rockets where when you throw the cryopod it gets shot by turrets... Bye Bye Dino
  6. Ark is a BIGGGGG game with LOTTS of stuff happening... That's why
  7. karkinos named krabby patty trikes named mr. and mrs. pickles (Nerd Parade joke)

    Gacha Taming

    heres another resource.

    Gacha Taming

    You tame them the same way you were saying. By dropping stone, raw metal, crystal, things like that. Their preference is snow owl poop...., but unless you have a lot of that just use one of the prior listed.
  10. Halfway through what I wrote, I stated that it's a 300-sec timer/5-mins. It's shown where the other ailments and buffs would show.
  11. No problem, glad I could help!!
  12. Unofficial isn't cheating in game, it's only an alternative option for people who don't have hours upon hours, days upon days, just to get wiped. It provides a quicker option where you can have QOL mods that help you move stuff around, set turret options automatically, or just have fun with crazy mods. ARK is a game, and it's supposed to be fun; it just depends on a persons play style and free time they have.
  13. 30-day decay timer, 60-day normal fridge, infinite time cryo-chamber, tek generator for the cryo-chamber. The pods will only recharge in a cryo-chamber, but are reusable for dinos. If dinos are released in quick succession there's a 300-sec "cryo-sickness" timer placed on dinos released after the first. This cryo-sickness keeps dinos asleep, while fully filling their torpor bar. If you release another during the cryo-sickness timer, then the timer add 300 more seconds. Dino's take increased damage during cryo-sickness, and cannot be woken up until the cry-sickness is over.
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