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  1. Most Useless Dino?

    Hello Ark Community, TINYMAN here Here's 9/21's question. What do you think is Ark's most useless dino? You choose whether it's a DLC dino, or not (plz specify). Be as creative with your answers as you can. Thanks Guys!! And Happy Surviving.
  2. Tame limit

    Maybe you should break into 2 tribes. One main tribe and one Sub tribe
  3. Craziest Mutation

    Thx, man. I was actually expecting unicorns at first. But I saw the sarcos, so meany colors tho. SInce I play on PvP we usually just go for stats.
  4. Craziest Mutation

    Yeah, on the PvP server I play on we just try our best to get the best stat mutations. On PvP, the best strat for us is just to find the highest lv there is and breed it with another high one, especially early game. Do you play PvE or PvP?
  5. Craziest Mutation

    Btw, If anyone has a suggestion about a topic I should do, or a question for me. Just message me from my profile. Thanks for the support and viewing my topics guys!!
  6. Craziest Mutation

    Thx Angry, I try to mix up the questions a bit. It gets the community talking and sharing experinces.
  7. gallimimus taming

    If you use a bola then the galli should stay still enough to be KO'ed if your quick.
  8. Craziest Mutation

    Hello Ark Community, TINYMAN here It's not he best question ever, but do your best to describe your craziest dino mutation. Either Stats or Color (Please specify). Thanks Guys, your the best!!
  9. Most Creative Dino Names

    This is amazing, thank you guys so much for all the attention this topic is getting. I didn't think I would get even 3 people replying. Now theirs 4 pages of people!
  10. Most Creative Dino Names

    This is amazing, thank you guys so much for all the attention this topic is getting. I didn't think I would get even 3 people replying. Now theirs 4 pages of people!
  11. Favorite Ark Dino (Including DLC's)

    I personally don't go for raptors. I always go straight to carnos, bears, or wolfs as first good carnivore. but here's some info I found to help you Utility[edit | edit source] They can be useful and lightweight for traveling, as far as their Stamina lasts, you may want to increase their Stamina if you want them for transport, or their health and attack damage if you want them to assist you on combat. They gather about the same or slightly more material per carcass than a Stone Pick, but finish gathering faster. Roles[edit | edit source] Damage: A quick attacker with decent damage that can easily circle slower enemies, the raptor makes for a good attack animal (Health and Melee Damage). Hunter: Similar to Damage, the raptor is a good meat and hide provider once you have a saddle, though metal and stone weapons are more efficient (Health and Melee Damage). Hunting/Battle Pack: Although they do individually less damage than direwolves, they tame faster and thus can be more easily assembled in larger numbers; pick the best to ride, or saddle up a bigger beast to be the core of your little army (Level Damage and Health to all Raptors, with Stamina, Carry Weight, Melee Damage and Health added to the one ridden). Travel: Raptors are very fast, and make for good mounts for quick travel around the island. They cannot carry much, however, so they make for poor pack animals (Level Speed, Stamina, and Carry Weight). Light Cavalry Mount: With the advent of the ability to use melee weapons like Pikes and firearms like the Assault Rifle from the back of medium to small sized mounts, the Raptor can be very useful as a flanking cavalry mount by sprinting in and having the rider fire at close range or by allowing a sniper to rapidly circle around the enemy, fire, and then reposition or escape (Level Health, Stamina, and Speed, with Carry Weight as needed). Companion or Pet: Even though most of high level players prefer Sabertooths and Wolves as fast mounts (because of their strength), many of them still keep Raptors as pets (Level Health and Weight). Cave Mount: Sabertooths can be seen as an upgrade of the Raptor in terms of strength. But it turns out that Sabertooths have big trouble to attack airborne creatures because of their extremely low hit box and the fact that their jumps lack vertical reach. They can hardly handle a swarm of Onycs. Raptors have no problems hitting Onycs and are therefore the better choice. But you must keep an eye on your own health since airborne creatures deal damage to the rider, unless you ride a Megaloceros. Having a mount in caves has several advantages: Your food and water count drop slower, the mount can carry useful stuff, and they deal and take damage (Level Health, Damage, and Stamina). Early Prime Meat Hunter: As one of the first prime meat gatherer available for a player raptor can hunt alone or in a very effective team with Ichtyornis. In the second case you just need to command heron to Hunt and Retrieve small creatures like Dodo and Lystro and Raptor will do the butchering.
  12. Idk why guys, but if anyone comes to my profile and see's this, For some reason everytime I post something. It posts it twice? Any ideas??


  13. Most Creative Dino Names

    If you guys want to see more questions like this, or just like the questions i'm giving. Just go to my site and follow me. (I sound like I'm begging GOSH)
  14. Hello ARK Community, TINYMAN here. At least a few times a week I come up with questions that either make you think, or bring up fun memories (bare with me I just started on this site). But today I was just thinking about a question, I got bored in class, so what are your guys favorite dino, not including bosses,that are in Ark? If you guys like this question, or have any questions, quote this message and ask your question in the Replies below. Thanks! Personally my favorite dino, its kinda wierd, but its the Dilo. It's because when I first started ark it was the very first dino I ever tamed.
  15. Most Creative Dino Names

    These are all great names guys. I didn't think anyone would respond to my topic lol. I'll keep the questions going