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  1. PvP or PvE. And Prefer Unofficial or Official?
  2. Ark is a BIGGGGG game with LOTTS of stuff happening... That's why
  3. umm... it's ARK. And microraptors are jerks with their dismount and stun effect. Yes the effect is intended. If this is official i feel kinda bad for you, since Equus takes quiet a bit of sitting there pressing E. If it's unoffical and boosted, tame another lol. EZ
  4. BOLAS MANNN!!! They help sooo much early game PvP and PvE. From dimorphs to raptors and sabers.
  5. @AngrySaltireCompletely unrelated.... But TYPLOSION LETS GOOOO!!!!
  6. wishing for school to be OVER so i can play some ark....
  7. you can come over to my server mate the center server whit all dino's spawn on them i am also the host of the server hope you like it it is called (  All dino The Center X5 Weekday's PVE Weekend PVP Mod Tek Drops  )

    we are active bulders let me now if you are on you can alliance or join the tribe

    1. TINYMAN


      I'll think about it man, right now i have a lotttt of work to do, so it won't be a while. I'll keep you in mind tho bro. I kinda like the weekday PvE to build up before the weekend.

  8. The Overseer is my Dad

  9. They specifically posted the feed to post your ideas on right below the paragraph...
  10. Got Supply, not complete dino wiped. Got some of those supplies back. Except for gene/industrial forge. Since we have been raided twice at the same location were taking our arge, ptera, rex, dodic, and anky, and 2 snails, over to a place close to the canyons so we can sorta "hide" and recouperate from our lossed. Our problem was we focused too much on our 2x layered terrotory wall. and we hadn't built main in metal yet (stupid mistake).
  11. And when I hopped back on that night It was all gone. Were built up better now though
  12. I started in a new Rag Unofficial, and was very proud of myself. I got a good 5x5x5 stone base up, tamed 2 allos, 5 horses, and a pteradon. AND build a 12x6x9 dino pen onto the base. In 5 hours. And I started converting the main 5x5x5 base into metal.
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