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  1. OMG my SSD only has 80gigs left, do I need twice of 50gigs+ ? 50gb+ installer, 50gb+ actual space for installation.
  2. Make a countdown, we all don't have the same timezone
  3. lol that would be hard unless you have a flyer to kite it further from your base. Alpha is already nerfed than before, and sometimes it's buggy, you can try luring wild dino that it will attack, and most of the time they're buggy and will bite forever on the carcass then you can shoot it until it dies, but you'd have to use crossbows and arrows, maybe 200+ arrows.
  4. Since I used cheat the other day I don't feel the same playing it, I lose control on what to cheat and what to not cheat. Playing online is the only way to play I guess, while single player is yea just for testing stuffs.
  5. I don't think that matters for official servers, offcial servers lag and will always lag with freeze, because they're too crowded or maybe limited on bandwidth because of budget. Even though it can have 70 players, doesn't matter how many players are online, it will still lag and freeze once in a while all day long.
  6. Leeds should be nerfed, because newbies are the ones that need raft the most. To build and make a mobile base on a raft is the first thing I always do whenever I start a new playthrough before deciding to settle where I want, because everywhere is pillared. Or leeds shouldn't be interested in raft with more than at least 20 structures on it because chances are the raft is built for real use. I think the reason leeds was put in the game is because people make a lot of rafts and never actually use it, just for reserving server dino slots, but it can be easily countered by making rafts in river/ponds, so it doesn't serve any purpose anymore and only destroy an important gameplay feature. But the last time I played on Ragnarok for 4 months, I never got attacked by a leeds and never saw one, maybe I was just lucky or it's already nerfed or disabled.
  7. Got killed by microraptors twice while looking for a Rex with good stats for breeding stock. The other day dimorphodons, now microraptors, and I was wearing Chitin armors, it broke so easily because the rex that I tracked using mod was nearby and also bit me, the second time was killed by a carno but knocked off mount by a microraptor. It has no counter maybe unless I bring an army everywhere I go. I'm thinking about blocking dino spawn that I hate, dimorphodons, microraptors, and raptors. Microraptor is the number one dino that I hate, it ever took over my raft and clipped inside the cabin on official server, and I only had 2 beds inside the cabin at that time because I just played for maybe 2 days, but I respawned nearby and killed it in the end using a metal pike. It also caused me several accidents.
  8. Got killed by Dimorphodons three times in a row while on a Rex when getting meat to feed my dinoes, it's like they deliberately wanted to get bitten.. Because of this I forgot to claim 2 argentavis babies that I was hatching. So I end-task the game to reload to previous save, hopefully the babies will still be alive. What a time wasting accident....(reload complete and the eggs are still alive 40 seconds to hatch thank god). One thing that I hate with Ark is some of the wild dinoes are too OP because they're aiming directly at the rider so tiny dinoes are even more dangerous than a rex and even a giga, because with giga, its size reveals where it is so we stay away and make distance from it to put ourselves out from harm's way automatically, while rex AI is too stupid as a threat but kinda clever for avoiding being lured for taming. But with dimorphodons or raptors or microraptors or thyla on a tree, they target the character when mounted/flying on a flyer. Dimorphodons aren't aggresive but can be lethal because when on Rex we tend to walk while keep biting anything that moves when farming meat, so a passing Dimorphodon might accidentally get bitten or getting stepped on by Rex stomp, then a flock of them coming out from the surrounding killing our character on whatever dino. It should be easy to defend if wearing armors but one thing leads to another thing, and another thing leads to yet another thing and so on. Ark temperature changes on a whim at random, so it's very tedious to switch to different kinds of armor depending on the temperature, and on top of that, armors have weight, and the durability is too weak, so this is a kind of a chain problem and my character ends up not wearing anything most of the time for travelling light and avoid the tediousness of switching armors everytime the temperature changes. I also hate fixing armors, it's tedious, remove each and every piece of armor, put each in smithy, click repair for each, move each back to inventory, from inventory, put each of them back on. Geez, TOO MUCH MICROMANAGING. I'd suggest that armors go back to like before with only 0.5 weight and increased durability to combat all that, take it as a game mechanic, not reflecting real life that heavy armors should be heavy. Or add a backpack slot, so everything in backpack/being worn will have zero weight but limited for what items can be put in there. Conan Exiles has different mechanic for this, armors that are being put on get reduced weight, but will be full weight if put in inventory. Same thing though, can't carry several different armors if needs weight.
  9. If you like the game, you'll want them to release even more Expansions. Also the replayability is super high. I dont mind if they continue to release more and more as long it's still relevant. I've probably spent more money buying games to replace Ark, hoping it would give similar sandbox experience, but ended up playing them for only a couple of hours then call it quit. While my gametime in this game is 3300+ hours and still counting. I hope Genesis will be super dangerous and different like Abe. Extinction is not that good imo or maybe I haven't found what fun it offers.
  10. If I remember correctly that season pass specificly said we will get Aberration and ONE more future expansion after Abe, I forgot whether the name Extinction was already revealed or not but I think it was. Just like this Genesis season pass we will get one now and one more later. I bought it early one or two days after it's available on Steam and got 30% discount, the price today is +22.4% from what I paid. Judging from the price, it looks like the price of 2 DLCs, so I believe it was already mentioned from the get go, not changed. What's changed is, now the season pass contains THREE, including Scorched Earth. The new season pass specificly named G.E.N.E.S.I.S Season Pass. The word Genesis was added. So It is DIFFERENT SEASON LOL
  11. The higher the baby level, the better, because stats actually contains level, how many times a stat is leveled up (wild stats), so the higher each stats is leveled up will all accumulate as higher level baby overall. Later you'd want to inspect the parents how many level up is on each of the stat especially hp, melee, weight and stam. On official server you will need Ark Smart Breeding, if you play on unofficial or Single Player, can use Awesome Spyglass to inspect that, so you can decide whether a wild is worth to tame or not.
  12. The term DLC should be changed to EXPANSION like back in the days, an expansion was a separate CD/installation but still needing the original game, while DLC referred to small contents like skins, or cosmetic stuffs or items, because of limited bandwidth to download big data at the time, but later with worldwide internet speed became much faster even the full game is all downloadable My country was kinda late to have fast internet, so when I read about paid DLC I was like what ? how come stuffs like that had prices, but the term DLC is wider now even the full game itself imo can be said a DLC . In case of Ark, the DLC is like an expansion like back in the days, not a small free little content CDPR with The Witcher 3 is a good example to this, they gave 16 free DLCs, while also selling 2 paid expansions Hearts of Stone / Blood and Wine.
  13. Buying the DLC separately, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction will also have access to the 3 original maps, eh 4 with The Island. Or are you talking about what 3 maps ?
  14. Because the very first time I played Ark, that's the exact spot where the tribe that invited me had its base. Reminds me of my first playthrough when I was a total noob. It is also a good location with a lot of resources around, behind it to the right there's the swamp where trees, rare mushrooms, rare flowers spawn. There are also Sabertooth Salmons and Otters in the pond. I was hesitating to move there at first because it doesn't have access to sea, I like going to the deep of the ocean it feels good and scary, but later I installed a mod called Awesome Teleporter so I can move everywhere easily and that eliminate distance, the pond also has a small deep area I think I can probably teleport some aquatic creatures there to liven up the pond.
  15. Is there any difference bundle or buying separately ? In the end it's putting the game and the DLC into library, right ? or is there more in the bundle ?
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